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Peachy's Predictions

We see the future, but not that well.

Once Upon A Time(Fall)
tiny bus
So, Once Upon A Time returns after a 2 week hiatus to prep us for a 3 month hiatus that is coming up in a few weeks!

We begin the episode with Rumpy and Dairy Queen discussing the curse that is going to engulf the town at sunset, because why cast an instant curse when you can give our heroes hours upon hours to try to stop your curse? Rumpy says that it will bring out the darkness in everyone, and I wonder if it will make the already dark people even darker, because what would that look like?

Anyway, Rumpy has allegedly found a loophole in this curse. If DQ will spare Henry and Belle and allow the 3 of them to leave town, he will not rip her heart out. How is that a loophole, exactly? Not that it matters, because she agrees to this. Can you guys imagine that as a spin-off, though? Henry, Gold, and Belle living life outside of Storybrooke, Mr. Gold getting scared of planes and airport security like that time they went to New York? Belle would find out about Kindles and go crazy downloading every book ever, Gold would have to get a real job since owning a pawn shop wouldn't support them, and Henry would just break the 4th wall every week to give us a look that says "They're so wacky!" while shrugging his shoulders. Someone get on that!

Meanwhile, the only townsfolk that count anymore are watching this new curse approach the town with binoculars instead of trying to buy enough goggles to keep them all safe from the eyeball curse because that is how our heroes roll. I will say that this curse is quite pretty to look at. Charming says that they should get everyone into the mines and Regina says "It's magic. It doesn't care about ceilings." She is probably right, but what about goggles? Does magic that specifically has to enter your eyeball care about goggles? Alex is more amused that Regina figured out just by looking at it that it would arrive at sundown.

Emma makes the genius suggestion that they leave town. I mean, it's not like there is a giant wall of ice that is keeping everyone in town, right? Oh, there is? Oh, my bad. Yeah, Emma, giant ice wall. This does not stop our heroes from deciding that maybe they can climb over the great big ice wall. OK, a few things:

*Why didn't you think of this before a specifically timed curse was cast upon your town? Don't you realize that there will always be a specifically timed curse coming at your town and you should have a way out when that happens?
*Don't you have an actual giant living in your town somewhere? Why can't you go find him and just have him smash the wall?


So, Charming attempts to climb the wall, and Alex and I get very excited for some potential head trauma. Alex actually says "I bet as soon as he touches it with the ax, he falls off." and BOOM! As soon as he touches it with the ax, he gets thrown from the wall. He does not hit his head though, so it isn't a total victory. Elsa finds Anna's necklace that I totally forgot that she lost, and Emma freaks out like the wall came to life and tried to eat them or something. Calm down, Emma!

It is at this point that I realized that Snow doesn't have her baby with her. Who has Neal? Don't even say Belle because come on! There is a curse that will make people tear each other apart and you left Neal with a sitter? I know you own a stroller, Snow! It doesn't matter because this is apparently an excellent time for Emma and Regina to bicker over who Henry will go with when they all split up to do their hero stuff. Really, guys? Elsa points out that she and Emma are immune, but Regina says that she thinks Henry would be safer with her. I briefly lost my train of thought because my brain melted at the stupidity of Regina thinking that Henry would be safer with a cursed dark magic user than a light magic user who is immune to the curse.


So, what was the thought I lost track of? They should use frozen Marian and throw her at the wall until it breaks. Who's with me???

The title screen has a sunken ship and the bottle with the message in it! Are they finally getting the message??? Spoiler: Yes and no. I mean, better late than never, right?

Belle helpfully tells us that the curse is pretty much unstoppable, but since Belle is a moron lately, I am not taking her word for it. She does say that they can reverse the effects of the spell/create a vaccine if they have someone who has already been under the spell. Well, how wonderful is it that Anna has already been under the spell and that we have her necklace back and can now track her down!!! Lucky for all of us that Charming frequently gets thrown off of things, isn't it? I am guessing that no one would have followed my plan of throwing Marian directly into the path of the curse, then have one of our immune people go in and pluck a strand of her frozen hair off her frozen head to make the remedy/vaccine.

Anyfailedplan, Elsa says that they can find Anna now with her necklace, and Alex yells "She doesn't know the spell!!!" I point out that it is a potion and by now, Rumpy must have made gallons of it since someone gets lost at least 3 times a season. Belle notices that there are still shards of glass embedded in the necklace, and not a single one of these idiots says that she should pull some of those shards out so that the magic users can work with an actual piece of the curse itself while they use the rest of the necklace to try to locate Anna. This will end up being a problem later, too. I mean....I just....




Anymorons, Emma points out that she was time travelling when she brought Elsa here, which really shouldn't matter because you were also time travelling when you brought Marian here, and look how well that turned out. Elsa insists that Anna is fine, and doesn't care how old Anna is now, like any of them ever age. I said to Alex that it would be hysterical if Anna was Granny, and he said it would be, but Granny is an original character, so she isn't. I knew that already.

We flashback to Arendelle, which is currently unfreezing. I am pretty sure Anna said "Holy cats, that's cold!", proving once again that she is my spirit animal. If they get rid of Anna after this whole Frozen storyline plays out, I will be bummed. She really is my OUAT representative as much as Henry is Alex's. Everyone is gone except newly unfrozen Kristoff(who I kept calling Fritz for some reason). Anna finds a piece of gold straw and immediately figures out that Rumpy was there because Anna is the smartest person on this show. Anyone who talks that much and that fast is bound to say the correct thing far more often than anyone else.

Unfortunately, Hans(he is Hans, right? The stupid guy who was in the closet?) is also unfrozen now, and he is going to rule Arendelle, which didn't even make sense in the movie, but whatever. Obviously they get outsmarted by Anna and Kristoff, and they escape.

Back in the present, Hook is watching the curse through his telescope from the docks when even more ice wall pops up in the water. Excuse me, but WHAT?????? The ice wasn't preventing them from leaving on a boat??? How much time has passed since they knew this curse was coming? Not a single one of these people thought to get on a ship and leave?? I know Hook sold the Jolly Roger, but I am pretty sure that there are other ships because what would the point of a dock be otherwise? Actually, there is another ship because Hook sold the Jolly Roger to get back to our world and Emma, and was teaching Henry to sail after they got back to Storybrooke!


This is what is happening in my mind right now!

Anyidiots, Hook and Rumpy have the weirdest talk in the history of their talks, wherein Hook says that Rumpy has his heart. I know he physically has his heart, but that is still a weird thing to say to anyone you are not dating, or even anyone on this show because you never know when it is literally the truth. Rumpy informs Hook that Granny's Diner has been converted into a temporary hive for the vilest of creatures. He means fairies, and by fairies, he means one fairy we know and like 5 that we have never even seen before. I will get to that later. Rumpy would like Hook to take the Fantasia Hat and suck up all the fairies after he gets Belle out of there. I am not completely sure I get why Rumpy is doing this. He doesn't seem to have enough of a beef with anyone in town to be more willing to allow them all to destroy each other than to just sneak up on Ingrid and suck her into the hat. Just because Belle seems to have come down with a fatal case of idiot doesn't mean Henry has. He is going to figure out that his grandfather could have stopped the curse that destroyed the rest of his family, he will tell Belle, and they will both turn on him and leave him. It just seems like less of a risk to suck up the person who cast the curse and, if possible, the curse itself to gain the power to break free of the dagger's control.

Even Hook is all WTF, why would you destroy the cure that the fairies are working on? Rumpy is all NMP, I am taking Belle and Henry and leaving. When Hook asks what about Emma and everyone else, Rumpy says he doesn't have time for everyone else. You have until sunset for everyone else! You would have plenty of time to suck Dairy Queen up into the hat, and then maybe come up with a counter-curse like Regina did when your stupid father cast his curse last season! So he says "If I have to choose between everyone else and me, me always wins." which I am pretty sure is not grammatically correct, but I am not an evil idiot who is supposed to be the brains of the group, so what do I know?

During the commercial break, I look for more fun reaction gifs for this blog and find one of the Angry Video Game Nerd that involves him ripping his boxers off with his teeth, and it had us both mystified. I noticed that the voice recorder on my phone has an option to skip silence, but Alex and I don't know how to shut up, and we turn the TV up loud enough that the mic will pick it up so that I can hear it during playback, so it is a moot point to have that option. We contemplate how this whole thing will blow up in Rumpy's face, and also figured out that if the curse actually hit the town in this episode, it would be right at the end, since next week's episode is called Shattered Sight. Turns out that I was right. Also, I miss Fred Burkle, Professional Fairy. Sorry, Amy Acker, you will always be Fred to me. Coincidentally, our pizza delivery guy from Dominos tonight was named Fred. I can't even remember what the name of her fairy was, and Alex can't remember that episode at all.

Back from the break, Regina and Henry find Robin and his Merry Men and Merry Child to warn them of the approaching curse. Robin yells for Will Scarlet, who is surprisingly sober and not hugging any books! Imposter! I don't even know what else happened in this scene, because Alex said "Will, I summon thee!" and I started wondering why Will doesn't summon or call upon the White Rabbit, have him open a portal to Wonderland, and then have everyone except Rumpy and Dairy Queen go through the portal! BAM! Episode over, 15 minutes in! Then I looked at the clock and saw that it was exactly 8:15, and I freaked myself out because I seriously didn't know that we were 15 minutes in exactly. But seriously, I watched Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, and I know that the White Rabbit brought Will to Storybrooke at one point during that show, and I am just guessing that he brought him here this time as well, because Wonderland exists outside of the Enchanted Forest, and is therefore not effected by the curses cast upon it. Also, we don't see any other Wonderland characters floating. We don't exactly see actual characters from this show floating around town either, but still. I think that Will has a way to summon that rabbit. Alex said that the season would end right here, and season 4a is ending soon anyway, so why not have Wonderland be 4b?

I started paying attention again when Regina and Robin started kissing and hugging each other, and then I noticed someone's underwear was hanging on the clothesline in the background. Ha!

Our BlondeEs(get it? Emma and Elsa are both blondes whose names start with E? Blondies? BlondeEs?) are using the tracking potion on Anna's necklace, and Elsa is asking how it works. I momentarily thought that Elsa was a complete moron because she just used that tracking spell ONE EPISODE AGO on Emma's scarf, but then I realized that this was the other tracking spell. They have one that makes the object fly through the air in front of you, and they have this one, which causes the object to glow brighter the closer you get to who or what you are looking for. Sorry, Elsa! You are not a complete moron!

This tracking spell also seems to emit a high-pitched noise the closer you get, and I don't know if that is an actual thing, or if the sound effect is just there to let you know when the degree of light changes. It hurts my head either way. The necklace leads them to the library, and Elsa says that she already looked there, and Emma and I are both all "Oh, honey, you have no idea." Weird is the word Emma uses. I guess Elsa missed the weird elevator that seemingly no longer requires 2 people to operate it. Doesn't that elevator lead to Maleficent? Because it is going to take them to the mines, not to Maleficent. This does let me know that Anna will not be found in the hospital, so I am bummed.

Back in Arendelle(I am not entirely sure that this is a flashback at this point, but this doesn't come up until later), Anna and Kristoff are talking about things. Kristoff is not thrilled about going up against an evil wizard, and Anna is all "I never said he was evil!", again further proving that she is actually me. He is evil, I just never SAID he was. She then said that she was looking through her mother's journal looking for clues and found something about a wishing star. She is hoping that they can use it to wish Elsa back to them. I mean, she is on to something there, but that is also for later. A pirate has this star, so they have to choose between wizard or pirate. Anna speaks for me when she says "Pirates are better than wizards." That is always the rule, unless you consider the Doctor to be a wizard like some people do. That is when it becomes a difficult choice.
Back in the Mines Where Nothing Good Happens, Emma and Elsa are following the necklace. What good things ever come from the mines? Belle's father tried to send her under the town line so she would forget her love for Rumpy, Henry got kidnapped by Dumb and Dumber, Belle poured that spell that put a magic barrier around the town that still let the Hipster Darlings into town, Regina or Rumpy stole all of the fairy dust that the dwarfs had been mining, etc. They come upon a wall that probably wasn't there before, and the necklace is glowing very brightly, so Anna must be on the other side. You know what is on the other side of that wall? Bull is what. Emma seems to be of the opinion that the ice earthquake built that wall instead of just caving in the mines entirely. Elsa says she can move it, and Emma tells her that their last cave in wasn't that much fun, and she would like to avoid another one.

Off to commercials! The first commercial had that one with all of the floppy headed people in a van that looks like the way they portray Canadians on South Park. It was this exact commercial that made me glad that we don't live stream our audio, because words come out of my mouth faster than they do through my fingertips, and I can't even imagine the trouble I could cause with my randomness.

I also started ranting about Will Scarlet and the White Rabbit. Is John Lithgow not available? Did they not think of it? Just don't have the rabbit talk, since it is not like he ever said anything profound anyway. Also, you have Will! Let him dig a hole through the beach to Wonderland or at least China! They could always find out if Robin is willing to die for a good cause and let Regina cast a curse to take them back to the Enchanted Forest. Alex pointed out that she would have to work Emma and Henry into the spell somehow or they would get left behind again. Then I realized that even if she could cast that curse, her curse might bring DQ's curse with them. Then I went back to say that there is absolutely no reason that Will Scarlet can't call that stupid rabbit to open a portal to Wonderland. Wouldn't Regina technically be royalty there as well, since Cora was the Queen of Hearts? I mean, Wonderland isn't great because I don't remember if Jafar is still running around, and there is that forest that makes people feel content to become trees, but it is better than being cursed. Also, where is the Mad Hatter??? I know he has that "2 people enter, 2 people leave" thing happening, but he could go through the hat, grab the rabbit, bring the rabbit back, and then the rabbit could open the portal. There wasn't a body count limit on the portal, so he lets everyone but Rumpy and Dairy Queen in, those 2 destroy each other, and boom! Problem solved, everyone goes home. Why do I have to think of everything?


Even the Mad Hatter agrees with me!

Anna and Kristoff come upon Blackbeard, and didn't he die? I guess not. I really thought he had to walk the plank, though. Anyway, they want to buy the wishing star from him. Blackbeard wants his weight in gold for the star. Anna is totally ready to buy it, but it turns out that this was all a trap set by Hans and his Not-So-Merry Men.

In the library, the gang is looking to see what is behind that wall in the mines, and Regina says something about the mayor paying attention to infrastructure, and Snow snaps that when the only villain the mayor has to worry about is herself, she can probably get more work done. She got you there, Regina. Leroy thinks that if they are careful, they can get through the wall in a few hours. Regina correctly points out that they don't have a few hours, and that it would be sunset by the time the munchkins could clear the wall. Leroy says "Dwarfs, sister." in the most serious tone of voice. Ha!

Charming gets a call from Belle at the Diner, and says that they can make the remedy without finding Anna. How? By doing the exact thing that I suggest at least 20 minutes ago and using the dust from the necklace! This will allegedly destroy the necklace. So, no one in town owns a pair of tweezers to gently remove the glass then? Now, I know that the pendant is an important plot point, but not a single one of these people thought that they could use the pendant for the antidote and use the chain to find Anna. Not one! I would also like to point out that, for someone who was so insistent on keeping Henry with her to keep him safe, Regina has opted to leave him somewhere else instead of with her and the 2 people immune to the curse.


Anydummies, Regina says that it could take days to search through the tunnels. Really? Because they could just follow the necklace to that spot again and let Regina poof to the other side of the wall, couldn't they?

Over at Granny's House of Fairies, something is bothering me about Hook, but I can't quite pinpoint the problem. Is his hair different? Does his face look thinner? Is he not wearing as much guyliner? I really don't know, but something is off. It isn't important. Rumpy and Hook go inside, and while Rumpy asks for his wife, Hook hides. I initially thought that he was gunning for a specific fairy, but he isn't.

Back at Braintrust Book Imporium, the gang is trying to figure out what to do. Do they look for Anna, or do they give the necklace to the fairies? I honestly thought that Elsa had left while they were all bickering. I would have. They have decided that they must act for the good of the town and give the necklace to the fairies, and I still thought Elsa hightailed it out of there, so I was giggling. Then I saw that she was still there, and Emma went to break the news to her, but we don't get to hear what she says. This will be confusing for a bit because of that. Alex suddenly said "Wait, where did I(meaning Henry) go?" I said that he wasn't with that group, and he said that Henry went with Regina, who is there without Henry. Maybe she left him with Robin Hood? I don't have time to focus on that because after their talk, Elsa gets back in the elevator which should take her to Maleficent but takes her to the mine instead, and I thought she still had the necklace, so I was confused. The elevator won't take anyone to Granny's.

Commercials! A Weight Watchers commercial tells us that we should eat a snack no matter what mood we are in. Good advice, Weight Watchers! They forgot to add the line "If your whole town is being consumed by a curse, eat a snack!" Then I realized that they might become cannibals and eat each other for a snack. Alex said it is definitely a good thing we don't live stream our audio. I might someday just to see what happens.

After the break, we are at Granny's House of Fairies, and Emma hands the bag with the necklace over. Except the necklace isn't in there, because Elsa put some rocks in the bag and kept the necklace.


Our characters were surprised a bit. Regina is not pleased by this turn of events. It will be too late by the time they could get back with the necklace. I can't even focus on how stupid they all were for not thinking to take some of the glass from the beginning because I am now focused on the fact that Fred Burkle, Professional Fairy and Tinkerbell are nowhere to be found. 97% of the population of this town are nowhere to be seen in this episode, but if you have a story involving fairies and Granny's, maybe throw in all of your fairies, Granny, and Ruby.

Regina says "Time for a hope speech? Believing in blind faith?" and Snow says "Elsa's blind faith is what is screwing us right now!" Woah! Regina says "Coming from you, that is terrifying." Preach, sister! That is scary, right there. Emma decides to go help Elsa look for Anna, like that will do even a lick of good at this point. All it will do is add one more immune person to the mix, and it will be with the mix of people who don't know how to do the reversal spell.

Emma finds Elsa, and some nonsense is going to happen here, so brace yourselves. Elsa creates some kind of ice tornado drill thing to get through the wall, and I thought it would be funny if she tunneled a hole through poor Anna, but no. On the other side of this wall is the beach. I'm sorry, but no. The mines are UNDERGROUND, the beach is not. The beach is not outside the mines, it just isn't. Plus, that wall was newish, so shouldn't more mines be behind the wall? The necklace is still glowing, but since we have hit the beach that was in the mine, it means that the search is over(I did start singing right there).

We return to Anna and Kristoff, and I wondered if Anna was still on the pirate ship. This is the beginning of a sequence that made me question if this was a flashback. Blackbeard tells Anna that she looks like her mother when she is angry. It turns out that Anna's parents already bought the wishing star. Anna doesn't believe him, because she thinks that they would have used it to take Elsa's powers away. They did not know that the star could only be used by those with pure hearts! So, Goku is the only one who can use it?

Anna is now broke because Hans will be king and he spent the morning rolling around in the royal treasury. Anna is all "You rolled around on gold bars? Eww, and ouch!" She is my favorite! It doesn't matter though, because where they are going, they won't need money. Anna asks where might that be, and I thought he would say Davy Jones' Locker, but he says death. Kristoff says that he doesn't think death is a place. Ok, I kind of love him too.

During the commercials, I discover that there is an audio option on the Tumblr dashboard, which panics Alex. It doesn't live stream, but I could upload the file on my phone if it is up to 10 mb. This episode was 140.5 mb, so that's not gonna happen. Also, Skeletor wants me to buy a Honda. That's not gonna happen either.

After the break, we are back with Anna. They have sailed to the spot where her parents' ship went down. Now she can have her last regrets in the same place her mother did. Yay? They bring out a trunk, which they are curious about. Blackbeard once had a rival who made him walk the plank(ha! I knew it!), but he was rescued by a mermaid. The trunk will ensure that they die without interference. I am pretty sure mermaids can open a trunk, but whatever. The important info in this scene is that the ship they are on is the Jolly Roger. So, this can't be a flashback, right? If Blackbeard was already made to walk the plank of the Jolly Roger by Hook, that means that this is taking place after Hook sold the Jolly Roger to return to Emma after the last curse. The next few scenes seem to confirm that this is Arendelle in the present. Hans also mentions that Elsa was imprisoned in the urn 30 years ago. Anna is shocked that they were frozen for 30 years. I think that once Elsa was freed from the urn, everything unfroze in Arendelle, or maybe even once the 3 blonde magic users became bound by those ribbons, as both are fairly recent events. It could even be that once Ingrid was focused on this new curse, the magic holding Arendelle in a frozen state was no longer maintained, and that is how they unfroze.

Anna starts babbling about what they need to do now, but they slam the trunk lid down and throw her and Kristoff overboard. We cut to the beach where Elsa still has faith that she can find Anna. The necklace suddenly stops glowing, and I wonder why she doesn't back up a step to see if she gets the signal back. We cut to the trunk in the water, where Kristoff is using a nail to try to free himself from the rope binding his hands. Alex says that this is the past, but I am pretty sure he is wrong. Since we cut back to Elsa again, I am pretty confident that all of this is in the present. The necklace was the last gift she ever gave Anna, and Emma feels so bad for her, but thinks they need to go. Elsa is devastated that she will never know what happened to Anna.

Back in the trunk, Kristoff is still trying to free himself, and Anna looks so wrecked. I wonder what his plan is once his hands are free since they are still locked in a trunk. He gets his hands free, and then frees Anna's. She starts saying that she takes him as her husband, and he says that they can't get married unless they are out of the trunk. Let her have her dream, it's not like it would be legally binding!

Elsa is still upset on the beach. She says she still has faith that she will find her, because she is out there somewhere. She says "I just wish..." and it was then that I realized that Anna's necklace had been the wishing star all along! Ok, that is pretty genius. Elsa wishes that Anna was there with. Too bad we couldn't wish that curse away, but then my spirit animal would drown. This is a pretty slow acting wish, and for a moment, I seriously thought that Anna would appear on the beach and poor Kristoff would be left alone to drown in the trunk. Actually, I said that I was afraid that Fritz would drown. Was there even a Fritz in Frozen? Thankfully, the whole trunk emerges from beneath the water. Did it get moved to Storybrooke when Elsa made the wish or was it already there?

The sisters are overjoyed to be reunited, and it is such a touching moment. I am confused as to how they got the wishing star in the first place. If their parents got it on the voyage that killed them, how did it end up with Anna and Elsa? Did her mother buy the star before going to see Rumpy, realize that only one with a pure heart could use it, and give it to the girls, and then set off on another quest to remove Elsa's powers? I am a tad confused. I asked how they could have gotten the necklace and not the message in the bottle, and immediately the bottle popped up from under the water. Dude.

Commercials. Alex and I discuss the wibbly wobbly timey wimey nature of this bottle, and further discuss the necklace. Alex said that the parents must have sent it in the bottle, but I told him again that they never got the bottle! I said that the letter probably said that they found a way to take Elsa's magic, but decided not to because they loved her just the way she was, or some similar Disney-esque thing like that.

Also, Alex and I want to play Disney Infinity.

Back from our last commercial break, Rumpy is trying to get Belle to leave with him, and I realized that Hook was waiting for them to get out so that he could suck up all the fairies. Once the coast is clear, Hook starts sucking up fairies in the Fantasia Hat by Dyson. How is this even possible? Why did Regina, Snow, and Charming leave? Emma was the only one who was supposed to leave to go get Elsa. Why on earth would the other powerful magic user leave when she could possibly help the fairies figure the antidote out? Where is the logic?

So, fairies are getting Hoovered up and screaming, and Mother Superior/Blue hides. I spent a good chunk of this scene yelling at her. "Hide! No, don't crawl out from behind the counter! No, just hide! Don't crawl out, just hide! Stay right there....good girl. He'll think he got you and leave. No, you idiot, don't start crawling again! Ahhh, see, if she just listened to me......."

Emma is coming around the corner and I fear that Hook will get caught, but Hook knows how to hide behind a counter, unlike a certain Blue fairy. They believe that the Snow Queen has disappeared the fairies, and now they know they are in trouble. The camera pans down to a crying Hook, like crying will help the situation.

Rumpy takes Belle to the pawn shop and is going to seal her in, and tells her that they must separate. He claims that being the Dark One might make him immune from the spell, but it could still hurt him, or maybe she could hurt him. I call shennanigans regardless. If he is immune, Regina should be immune. The spell he uses to seal Belle in will keep anyone from getting in the shop after her. He gives her a hug, and for once, Belle's face looks like she thinks something might be up.

Hook gives Rumpy the Box, and wonders if they are done. Of course they aren't! Rumpy needs insurance and to torture Hook for awhile longer. By morning, everything will be over, including Hook's life.


Emma brings Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff to the police station because Charming has a plan. When Emma tries to find out what the plan is, Charming is all "Kristoff?" and Kristoff is all "David?" and they bond over their haircuts, because it isn't like a curse is rolling in or anything. Charming introduces his family, and Anna is dying to know why their daughter is their age, but that will have to wait for another day. Snow and Charming want Emma to lock them in jail cells and take the baby. That should go well. They also handcuff Kristoff to the desk, which does not appear to be bolted to the floor, so I am already picturing him dragging that desk down the street next week.

Hook shows up to see Emma one more time before he chains himself to the dock for the good of all. Emma gives him a kiss goodbye, and after he leaves, she touches her lips with a look that says "I'm gonna put a pin in that because something is off, but I don't have time now." I think it would be equally funny if the girls with the yellow bracelets are not immune, and Emma has the baby.

Henry has popped back into the episode from parts unknown to go to Regina's office.....er...former office. Regina plans to put a seal over the office, which will lock Henry in, but more importantly, everyone else will be locked out. I keep yelling "Good idea! Do it NOW!!! Before Rumpy shows up! Get a move on it!" Alex tries to argue that Rumpy's magic is probably stronger than hers and he could undo it, but I say that she would probably use blood magic for this. She puts up the barrier and Henry is safe.

Robin takes this opportunity to show up and Regina freaks out that he has to leave. Robin is going to chain himself to a tree. Who has the keys to all of these locks that people are using? What if Elsa and Emma aren't immune and leave people chained/locked up while they destroy things? Regina is going to seal herself in her vault, and Robin thinks that it is to keep people out, but it is actually to keep herself in. Um....what? How can you magically seal yourself with your own magic? Can't you also undo that magic? Who is that protecting?

Charming and Snow hold hands through the bars, and Charming says that no magic is strong enough to break the bond that they have. I beg to differ. We get a last look at all of our major players in their positions, most of them alone, before the curse hits. The beautiful curse rolls ever closer, and I continue to wonder why no one is at least experimenting with goggles, or at least closing their eyes and covering their face. Emma at least closes her eyes and ducks down to cover baby Neal's face. The glass enters Snow and Charming's eyes, and the music stops. They unlink their hands and just look at each other, backing away. A quiet beat hits the soundtrack and we are done. There was a whole storm of stupid in this episode, but that moment played out perfectly.

Next week, the curse has hit and all of these people who are supposed to be securely sealed or locked up are out, so way to plan, people. I think the guy says that there is one more episode until the winter finale, but Alex and I were busy being flabbergasted that people escaped from things they shouldn't have been able to escape.

Ok, we have a ton of questions and theories.

How do they get out? Who lets them out if everyone is chained to something?
Does Regina let herself out? She is in her Evil Queen garb, which I hope just happens instantaneously. Just poof, curse, awesome wardrobe.
Who let Snow out of her jail cell? Alex says Regina possibly, but that doesn't seem likely. If you have your mortal enemy in a jail cell where they are helpless, why would you let them out? I am betting that Charming has an extra set of keys on him, and they just forgot about them in all of the excitement. Maybe Snow inflicts some head trauma upon him, grabs the keys, and lets herself out. Maybe they pretended that they weren't effected by the curse so that Emma would let them out.
Who lets Henry out? It has to have been Regina. Alex said that it looks like Hook was going in, so maybe he used the Hat to suck up the magic keeping Henry in. I said that if the Hat can do that, I have to believe that it could have sucked up the curse to begin with. Alex said that Rumpy has it, but I told him that the last person holding the Hat was Hook, when he Hoovered up the fairies. Alex said that Rumpy would kill Hook if he sucked up the curse, and I wondered what it would matter if it gave him enough power to be free of the dagger.
What about all of the other characters that nobody bothered to mention? What about Doctor Hopper, who knows all of their secrets, or Granny, who is skilled with a crossbow? What about Ruby, who can become a wolf? What about all of the children who are not Henry, and all of the other babies? Is King WhatsHisFace still running around? Charming's adoptive dad who is fantastic at gathering together mobs with pitchforks and fire?
Is this curse bound to the mind with their darkest thoughts, or their hearts with their emotions? If it is tied to the heart, would that make someone like Hook, who doesn't have his heart, immune? Did Will ever get his heart back at the end of Wonderland? Would the curse effect Henry even if Rumpy didn't ask for him to be spared since he has the Heart of the Truest Believer?
What if Ingrid doesn't spare the people that Rumpy requested? She didn't seem all that scared of him when he initially threatened to rip out her heart, so it could be that she said that she would do that to keep him out of her way, and also to ensure that he would try to keep the others from creating a cure, because even Rumpy says that he does not make good choices.
Predictions, etc:

*Hook will be found out, and it will take Emma time to trust him again.

*We will learn that either sassy Regina let herself out, or Rumpy did it for the funsies.

*Charming will take on one more instance of head trauma before the hiatus.

I wrote a lot more, but the window crashed again, and seeing as this was the 6th time this happened, I am done. We will see you Wednesday for Arrow.

Arrow(Draw Back Your Bow)
kung fu
Tonight on Arrow, Oliver's speech changes yet again at the top of the show. How am I supposed to memorize it if you keep doing that, Oliver? Oliver and Quentin find a dead body in an alley, dressed in an outfit just like Ollie's! It is Anti-Roy(Gym Guy's former apprentice) from last week. Does this mean our new archer knows where Oliver shops? How efficient! We also briefly flash back to last season's fight against the Mirakuru Army of Doom, and we see that Oliver saved a woman from one of them. This turns out to be our main crazy pants enemy of the evening. Good call, Ollie!

In flashbacks to Ninja Parkour Marketplace, Sassy Kid's mom(we still haven't thought of a nickname for her, so I think for this week, I will call her Sassy Mom to save time) wants Oliver to do his laundry. He then has to admit that he doesn't know how to do laundry. It is a good thing that I am not one of Oliver's mentors, because I am so OCD about how I do my laundry that he would never get anything else done!

Back in the present, Ray Palmer has installed a salmon ladder into his office at the former Queen Consolidated, and also works out shirtless, when Felicity walks in. She says "Oh, God, I have a type!" Oh, Felicity. I bet Oliver will be annoyed that he didn't think of that when he finds out. You know that Diggle is going to tell him later. Who takes off their shirt to exercise at the office, Ray? Something fishy is going on here.

Anyweirdo, Ray invites Felicity to a business dinner and he got her this really expensive dress to wear, and will later give her a very expensive necklace(on loan), and I am sick of this already. Diggle and I are such Olicity shippers, and this is ruining everything!

At the Lair, Oliver is checking out the arrow that was in Anti-Roy. Diggle tells him that Felicity won't be able to help because she is with Ray. They also initially think that the heart is a spade. Oliver then smashes the daylights out of that arrowhead, which turned out to have a tiny strip of paper with an address in it! Um....:


Who embeds a tiny piece of paper into an arrowhead on the off chance that someone will smash it open in a rage and find it? I know that is hardly the most ridiculous thing to happen on this show, but it is pretty high up there.

After the 9th Doctor and I finish rolling our eyes, Diggle and Oliver head to the address and it is a creepy shrine to the Arrow. Creepy might actually be an understatement here. It is a small room with nothing in it except for creepiness. There are newspaper articles plastered on every inch of the wall, a heart shaped mirror with heart shaped arrows lining the outside, and pink candles burning all over the place. A cell phone rings, and Oliver answers it. Alex was all "Yes, Oliver, answer the random phone!" I guess that would be the logical thing to do when you are in a creepy shrine dedicated to you that could catch on fire at any moment.

I have another issue right here, because there is one window in this room, and since there are candles burning all over the floor and the phone rang after they got there, you would think that one of these 2 idiots would look out that window to see if they are being watched. Which they are. By a girl with absolutely no identity-hiding gear on, who also makes a smoochie face at the end of her crazy phone call because even she thinks that one of them should have looked out the window! If she wasn't trained by Malcolm Merlyn in the fine art of window stalking, I will be shocked.


11 can't believe this stupidity either.

The title screen tonight is the heart shaped arrowhead. Unlike the regular title screen, it doesn't have a face. Seriously, does anyone else see it?


Felicity is being all hurtful to Oliver by going on this non-date with Ray. She is really bumming out me and Diggle. Diggle spends most of the episode trying to right his ship while Oliver makes all kinds of sad faces. I don't really want to talk about it.

Oliver and Roy track our stalker archer, Carrie Cutter, to a place where she is holding her next potential murder victim: a nursery called Sherwood Florist. I both love and hate that in equal measure. Roy and Oliver split up to look for Captain Crazy, and when Oliver finds her, she has her hostage strung up around the neck to a cord connected to a bomb on his chest while he balances precariously on the back of a computer chair. Efficient! Also, Roy has been knocked out. We can only hope he parkoured his head right into her fist, but we don't get to see it.

Oliver is not in the mood for this amount of psycho, and Carrie gets upset and kicks the chair away from her victim as she runs away. Oliver shoots the guy down, activating the bomb that he manages to grab off of the guy, throw through the ceiling, and he shoots it with some kind of arrow with a green light.

Later, Oliver will go and see Miss Cutter's shrink, and I love this so much. She returns to her office, tries the light switch a bunch of times to no avail, then just shrugs and walks into her office anyway. You are one brave lady, considering that the hallway light is on right behind you, so you know that the power isn't out in the building. I kind of love her.

Anybravelittletoastershrink, Oliver is the one who disabled the light, because he would like to take about Crazy Cupid. The shrink rightly says that she can't talk about her because of doctor/patient privilege, but does manage to give Oliver solid advice on how to deal with someone who could be similar to his brand new stalker. She also tells him that maybe he could benefit from some therapy, and when he asks why, she is all "You mean besides the mask and the fact that you dress like Robin Hood?" We laughed, but what a night poor Oliver is having! The woman he loves is out with the guy who bought his company away from him, he gained a stalker who kills people to prove her affection for him, and now this woman is making fun of his outfit.

We then learn that Carrie has herself a little helper who manages to track down the Lair in less than 5 minutes by calculating the places that the Arrow has been and finds that Verdant is right in the middle of it. This girl has got it covered! She really is the most efficient villain this show has had so far. Think back to Fyers in season 1 and even Slade in season 2, and how long it took them to fail at their plans. This girl in one episode has managed to find where Oliver shops and dress a corpse in his outfit, set up a creepy shrine with a million candles, make that arrowhead that had the address in it, kidnap and rig up another guy, and find where the Arrow might be hanging out. If it wasn't for the fact that she is so out of her ever-loving mind and that she kills her little helper, I would really like this chick.

Now we have to listen to Oliver be sad some more that Felicity is out with Palmer. I don't want to dwell on it. Diggle is trying to fix it, and I admire him for it. I hope they undo this plot soon, because it is annoying. Oliver can't be with anyone my rear end. Sure, every woman that Oliver has ever been with on this show either ended up losing someone close to them, turned out to be a crazy villain, or died! He can still be with them until all of that happens! I also don't like Felicity kind of rubbing this in his face.

Back in Parkour Ninja Marketplace of the Past, Oliver and Sassy Mom were watching some guys who I think were the rivals of the Triad, possibly because Sassy Dad was supposed to go and take them out or something. Neither one of us care unless that kid is involved. These bad guys are punching and kicking Oliver around, and I yelled "Didn't you receive combat training on the island/boat/island/submarine/boat/island? Why is one guy able to beat you up so much?" My question was immediately answered when Sassy Mom came flying in with a snazzy(Alex's word, which is appropriate) sword and took everyone out. Except for the one guy who told her that her husband was probably dead. You go, Sassy Mom! Did she have that sword with her the whole time? Alex says that she did, and that Oliver didn't notice because Past Oliver is stupid. That is a valid point he has there.

Felicity and Ray are out on their business dinner. I don't want to talk about it.

We cut to Verdant, where Thea is holding her grand reopening. It would be going better if only the DJ that she hired after auditioning a whole bunch of DJs earlier knew what he was doing! Also, Carrie Cutter walks right by Roy and he doesn't even notice.


Thankfully some really obnoxious blonde guy who tried to send all of the other auditioning DJs home earlier shows up and saves the day! Thank God that this guy knows how to plug in an iPod and put on an actual song instead of the random beat that the other guy had been playing! Also, looks like Thea has a stalker other than her dad! Good for her!

Still hating the Felicity/Ray thing. Still don't wanna talk about it. Alex can't even stand the music they are playing, like something wonderful is happening. Screw you, Arrow music! He wonders what sort of wonderful thing Ray could do with a mine, and I told him that he can always rename it Moria and build a Lord of the Rings theme park in and around it. You know you would go to that park. Don't even lie to yourself. You would do it just so that if someone tried to cut in front of you in line, you could yell "You shall not pass!"

Diggle finds out that Senorita Psychopath had Verdant on her map, and Oliver tells him to get upstairs and keep his eye on Thea. So, does she know who Oliver is, or is she just so attracted to the Arrow for saving her that she doesn't really care who is under the mask? They never tell us.

Oliver calls her and tells her to meet him anywhere but the club. Way to make sure she knows that the club is definitely a vulnerable point for you there, Oliver. How has Starling City not fallen into the ocean yet? Alex says something about Sakura from Naruto with a mental disorder, but I have no idea what he is talking about. If you do, yay!

Alex accidentally punched me in the shoulder during the commercial break and I was not even a little pleased about it. We started using my phone to record what we say during the show, and it is a good 5-7 minutes of conversation about just that. I told him that I will never be able to dance again because he broke my shoulder forever because that is how I roll.

After the break, Felicity is in the Lair, and she and Diggle are talking to Oliver on his headset, and she states that she is there too, and by she, she means Felicity, which cracked me up, because who else would it be? Baby Sara just suddenly learned to talk and guide Oliver through missions? Alex said "My name is Bob and I am just sitting here." in a deep voice.

Crazy had Oliver meet her in the place where he saved her, and it is at this point that I noticed that I love her accessories. Her bow is so cool, and so is the quiver, not to mention the awesome heart arrows. I almost wished that Oliver killed her so that I could claim all of her accessories. She is flirting with Oliver something fierce, and I hope it is making Felicity jealous. Then Oliver starts making this big speech about how he knows how it feels to not be able to be with the one that you love and he can't be with anyone and he has to be alone and:


This is seriously the dumbest thing ever. Carrie calls him a liar and shoots an arrow at him, and even though she is about 5 feet away from him, he just casually moves his upper body to the side and avoids it, and then shoots her awesome bow out of her hand. I quickly jump through my TV to claim it! All we have to do now is steal Roy's stuff for Alex and we are set!

They fight, and all I can focus on is how pretty all of her stuff is. I would let Oliver keep the green midriff top, since it matches his color scheme. I am nice that way. He seems to have the upper hand, but then she kicks open a padlock that is under them, which drops them into the underground train tunnels. Both of them drop off of the radar at this point. It doesn't even matter why that would happen at this point, does it? Sure, Felicity managed to keep communications with Quentin going on while he was in those tunnels in season 1, and during an earthquake, but to be fair, their computers have been blown up at least 3 times since then.

At this point, my mind floated off again, and I wondered if maybe Carrie was the evil love child of Black Widow and Hawkeye. You will see that forever now when you look at her, and you are welcome. :D While I am pondering this, Oliver gets handcuffed to a train track, because suddenly Arrow is from the silent movie era, and Carrie will start twirling her mustache any second now. The train is coming, and she wants them to die together. I may be way off-base here, but since Oliver is lying down and Carrie is standing, wouldn't she get hit, fall on top of him, therefore shielding him as her body gets dragged away while he can flatten himself out, avoiding being killed? I have seen videos on YouTube that made me 800 shades of nauseous where people laid flat under a passing train.

It doesn't matter because Oliver may or may not have broken his wrist to get out of the cuff, and he knocks her out of the way as the train misses both of them. Alex says that he would have let the train hit the nutcase, and I initially agreed until I realized that the train probably would have damaged that quiver and the arrows that I covet, so I would save her. To Carrie, this means that he does love her. Oh, honey. You can't save anyone from a train anymore without them thinking that you secretly love them! Also, how awesome would it have been if after the train went past, this happened:


Alex and I spend the commercial break discussing how I already had to skip these exact commercials 97 times times while watching YouTube videos on my Xbox. We get ads on 98% of the videos when we watch it on the Xbox, whereas we rarely get any watching YouTube on our laptops. What's up with that?

After the commercials that we don't get to skip because we watch this live, Diggle says that they handed Carrie over to ARGUS and they put her on the Suicide Squad. They did what now? You know what I would have done with her? I would have locked her up with Slade in Ninja Parkour Island Prison after convincing her that Slade was her true soulmate. Then I would have installed cameras and watched while she drove him up a wall. But if Oliver thinks she that putting her on a squad of people that they turn to for help every now and then, well.....I mean, it is Oliver. He doesn't always make the best choices.

Sassy Mom and Oliver return to Sassy Apartment, and she wonders how she will tell Sassy Kid that Sassy Dad is dead. Turns out, he is not dead, so she doesn't have to tell him at all! Sassy group hug! No one invites Oliver to this hug, so he takes his laundry, and presumably turns every article of clothing he owns pink because he doesn't know how to separate whites from colors.

Back at the club, Blondie DJ thinks he is so awesome because he plugged in an iPod and played a song. Thea gives him half the gate, which I assume means the money that they collected at the door to get in because I have never heard that term before, and Blondie just kisses her. It will be fun when we find out that both Roy and Malcolm caught that and both compete to see who can kill him first.

We are back to Felicity and Ray, and the stupid blue dress that she is wearing that just so happens to perfectly match the lights and logo of the new company she works for, which is so dumb. I just hate this whole thing. Alex and I both said that he was going to kiss her and that Oliver was going to walk in and see it, and although we high fived about getting it right, I was not happy about it. Diggle and I are going to go have a pity party about this.

Oliver breaks something in the Lair, and Roy asks if he is ok. I'm gonna let that one slide, because neither one of these guys are that bright sometimes. "Yeah, I'm fine, I just wanted to redecorate that area of the floor with some broken glass! Do you like it?" Oliver asks if Roy is ok, and he is also not ok. So I said "Awww! They should go get Diggle and just be sad together." and then they went over to Diggle's place, where they surprisingly do not tell Lyla to scram because this is dude's only. Take your baby that is not allowed in the Lair because she will tell all of her baby friends about it, and beat it! 3 correct calls in a row! We are on FYAH!

Ray is talking about the Mines of Moria or whatever, and I am wondering if maybe there isn't something a little evil about this guy. He seems a little too nice for my tastes while still doing decidedly mean things that he doesn't appear to know are mean, but you secretly know that he knows. Apparently, though, he is DC's answer to Iron Man, because he has some kind holographic metal exo suit he is making. You are no Robert Downey, Jr., sir!

Two guys are having some kind of conversation in a back alley, and I swear that the one guy played a bad guy on NCIS once, but I am not entirely sure about that. Alex likes his voice. He pulls out a metal boomerang and throws it at the other guy, and while he initially dodges it, he apparently forgot that those things always come back. Oh no, Sokka!!!! Why are you a villain on Arrow????? This is why we never got to see him on Legend of Korra!! He was too busy training with his boomerang on this show! Man, losing your space sword will drive you right to villain status. Good to know.

Arrow won't be back until December 2nd, and it will be Flash vs Arrow, and also a 2 night event! Ooooooh! I guess this means I better get around to watching those episodes of The Flash that are taking up space on my DVR. Also, is part of this 2 night event a Tuesday? If it is, we will have to combine the 2 episodes into one review on Wednesday, because I am in dance class at that time. When I told Alex he will have to watch The Flash with me, he did an uncanny imitation of that face that Robin Hood makes that looks like he would rather lick a toilet seat! He is joking. I think.

Predictions, etc:

*We are very sad that Sokka is an Arrow villain now because he lost his space sword, his boomerang, his bag that matches his belt, and whatever else happened to him.

*Oliver finds out that Felicity kissed Barry when she crossed over to that show, and that is why they are having an epic, 2 night battle.

*Alex and I make epic plans for my birthday, so I will probably get a cold.

*Everyone realizes that they are in love with Felicity, and everyone will fight over her, but no one will battle over Roy. Poor Roy.

*Carrie Cutter is either one of Malcolm's illegitimate children, or a former student of his.

That is all we have. We will see you when one of our shows comes back, or we decide to talk about a game. Later!

Once Upon A Time(Smash The Mirror)
2 hours of Once Upon A Time that you think will be about one thing, but turns out to be something totally different! On a school night!

We are back to using the very vague "A long time ago in Arendelle" label, and why are we being so vague? I am trying to narrow this down! We know that the Ogre Wars are happening, Rumpy is already the Dark One, it is before Belle became his maid, Bae is gone, Charming lives on the farm with Momma Charming so James is still alive, Snow hasn't met Charming yet, and that is all I've got. Regina is probably the Evil Queen or very close to it, Snow may be on the run, Phillip might be a fire bull. I am sorry, I just don't like the vagueness.

So, a long time ago, Ingrid hides the Fantasia hat box under a rock, and then heads to the Enchanted Forest to speak to the Sorcerer. The Apprentice is outside, sweeping, and I never understand that. Why are you sweeping outside? It is dirty out there, especially when you are sweeping on a dirt trail, and it is going to remain dirty regardless of how much you sweep. The Apprentice is not in mouse form, and I can't remember if Anna made Rumpy change him back before he poofed her home. Maybe there is just a closet full of Apprentices. Who knows? Well, I suppose I would if I felt like going back to check, but I don't. :D Alex says that she did make him change him back. I still kind of hope there is a closet full of Apprentices.

Where was I? Sweeping Apprentice, right. Ingrid has come to make a deal, but the Sorcerer doesn't make deals with people like her, who have succumbed to the darkness in their hearts, but will probably make a deal with her when he learns that she has his hat. Have we seen the Sorcerer yet? I don't think we have. I wonder who it could be. Will it be an established character or someone new? Maybe we will never find out.

Back in the present, Regina is adjusting her clothes and then Robin Hood comes out and so is he! Oooooh!!!! You go, Regina! For the record, Robin Hood does not make that "I would rather lick a toilet" face this entire episode. Episodes? They talk for a bit about the book and who could have written it, and I found myself hoping that Will Scarlet wrote that book and is just too drunk all the time to remember it. How amazing would that be? They would have to put him back in jail for hugging his own book! On the subject of Will, do you think that the stories from Once Upon A Time In Wonderland are in Henry's Once Upon A Time book? If not, does it have its own book?

Also in the present, Henry manages to find Emma in her bright yellow car parked in the woods. Her powers are so out of control that she accidentally knocks Henry onto something that makes his head bleed. It looked like a shrub. She is sad, Henry is sad, we are all sad. Dairy Queen pops in to make her even sadder and then pops back out. Emma really needs to learn how to poof when she gets her magic under control. Also, I feel like I have seen this before, but it is bothering me because I can't pinpoint where. Someone having out of control lightning type powers in their hands, trying to get control over it, and possibly having to sacrifice themselves because it will save others. I thought it might be Avatar, but I don't think it is. It drove me nuts for 2 whole hours and I never figured it out!

Back at Casa Charming, it looks like the group comes back after being out all night and then saying the exact same things they said last week when they had not yet been out all night. That was weird. Snow is all dejected and everyone keeps telling her it isn't her fault, and what show were you guys watching? It is so Snow's fault! Not all of it but she certainly didn't help things. Don't lie to her.

Henry is still bummed that his mom knocked him into some shrubbery and cut the back of his head. They all thought he was upstairs asleep, and he says that he snuck out, but is it really sneaking when there is no one else in the house to have to sneak around? I was wondering where super precious baby Neal was, but apparently he was with Belle all night. Oh, so Emma's powers that weren't out of control yet make Snow nervous, but leaving her baby with Belle, whose intelligence is so rapidly leaving her mind that soon she will just be drooling into her teacup, and the Dark One is cool?


Across town, Rumpy walks into his shop, and I absolutely love how he is just so calm about the fact that everything in there is suddenly alive. There is a sewing machine running, a projector, a bunch of light bulbs plugged into nothing flickering off and on, and just miscellaneous things moving around on their own. He acts like this is something that happens every single day just for him at noon, whereas I would have bolted out the front door so fast screaming about ghosts. He knows it is Emma and her out of control magic, but what if it wasn't?

He tells Emma she doesn't have to hide, and she says she wasn't, but you just know she was, and that she was secretly hoping that he would think his shop was haunted. Emma came to him because he seemed like the safest option for her with her magic out of control. He knows how to help her with her problem, and you just knew right here that thing he needs to free himself from that dagger is Emma in the Fantasia Hat Vortex(aka Cornecopia of Death). She touches a book and scorches her palm print into it. I only mention that because Hook will find it later and know that Emma was there.

Rumpy is going to help her, but it has to be later and at that nice house that popped up after the last curse that Belle "borrowed" that one time. This is because Emma wants to get rid of her magic entirely, and savior magic won't go quietly, so if they tried the spell in the shop, it might level half the city. Since Storybrooke might be the only place on earth without a single chain store anywhere and full of little mom and pop shops, I agree that leveling any of it would be a sin.

I should probably point out that there are Frozen Flashbacks scattered throughout about Anna and Elsa working together trying to find the urn so that they can put Ingrid back in. Elsa pretends that she is angry with Anna so that the guards and Ingrid will think she is working with them, but she loves Anna, and she is her sister, and Kristoff shows up so they can search for the urn. They find it in the room where Ingrid had to sleep in a child's bed through adulthood, in a closet, with frozen Hans. Proving that Anna is my spirit animal, she makes a joke that Ingrid has skeletons in her closet, because they found frozen Hans in one, and he has a skeleton inside. I will pick up the rest of this in a bit.

Emma calls her parents to tell them that she is fine, and that Rumpy is going to help her get rid of her magic. Hook is not thrilled to hear this news. He says that he left his talking phone in Charming's truck and leaves. He starts calling Emma to leave messages that she won't get. No one will notice that he never comes back from looking for his talking phone. Poor Hook.

Regina shows up with a tracking potion, and thank you for acknowledging that she has tracking magic! I am happy about this, but it would be nice if they would at least mention Ruby. Say she has a cold and her sense of smell is off or something.

Regina is about to go up to check on Henry when Snow tells her that maybe she should finish buttoning her shirt. Ha! I love this show! She is all kinds of flustered and heads up the stairs to visit with Henry, and I don't know if they told her that Emma hurt him yet or not, but she obviously finds out, and she seems to take it very well. Even Rumpy bristled a bit when Emma said that she hurt Henry, but Regina doesn't threaten to rip her heart out or anything. Good for her!

Over in Dairy Queen's Cave of Icy Wonders, Rumpy has come to tell her all about his evil plan to suck Emma into the Fantasia Hat Vortex, and has put her into a circle of dust from the urn. This will confuse me though, because DQ clearly thought that the urn was destroyed by Elsa, and is surprised that the dust from it can keep her contained. I thought that she might have used some of that dust on Elsa in the episode where she freezes Hook's foot to the ground and she was going to kill him and frame Elsa for it. If she didn't use dust to subdue Elsa's magic, how did she do it?

We will now jump over to Granny's to meet up with Will, who is pouring some kind of liquor into a teacup that may or may not have tea or coffee in it already. He practically empties his flask into it, so I have to believe that if there was any liquid in there already, it just barely covered the bottom. Robin Hood shows up and takes the cup away from him, and Will claims that this is his lunch and dinner. God, I love Will!

Robin has "borrowed"(stolen) the Book from Regina, and is recruiting Will's help to find out who wrote it. That sounds like a solid plan. I mean, it isn't like all Will has done this season is get drunk, hug books, wind up in jail, and dig holes all over the beach. When Robin returns his "meal", he tells him that there is a magic clock tower in this town. One where the hands never moved at all for 28 years and then suddenly they did. Robin was not fully aware of this because he was still in the Enchanted Forest, but since I did watch Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, I will point out that Will did indeed have this knowledge. He was in Storybrooke briefly to gather something(can't remember what), and I can't remember if this was before or after he and the White Rabbit busted Alice out of the loony bin.

When Robin wonders what the clock has to do with the book, Will asks if he knows what else is special about the magic clock tower, and when Robin says no, Will tells him that there is a library underneath it. Will Scarlet is the smartest person on this show, which means that the whole universe is doomed!

Back at Casa Charming, Charming and Snow discuss Emma giving up her magic, and Snow wonders if it is the right thing. Charming says that they wanted to always give her her best chance, and that maybe being rid of her magic will give her her best chance to be normal. Why are you guys such awful parents this season???? Elsa overhears this, and grabs Regina's tracking potion and Emma's scarf and quietly slips out the door. No one will notice this for at least another 75 hours either.

Returning to the Adventures of Robin and Will, Will tries to break into the library in broad daylight, and Robin just reaches over and turns the knob because he read that the library doesn't close until 10. Oh, Will.

Over at Casa Charming, Regina is upstairs, sitting with Henry, reading comic books. She asks how his head is, and he shows her. It hurts to touch, so she heals it. I would love to know exactly how much time has passed, and just how long that poor kid had to sit there with ice on his head before any of these geniuses thought to heal him. How long were they sitting there, reading about Wolverine, with Henry holding an ice pack from Elsa to his his head?

Henry thinks it must be nice to have magic and be useful. He just wanted to help his mom and he feels like he made it worse. If he had magic, he wouldn't be useless. Or ordinary. Regina tells him that he doesn't need magic or claws or purple shorts(you could buy him purple shorts, Regina! The Hulk doesn't need the purple shorts either.) because he has the Heart of the Truest Believer and that makes him special. He should never think he is ordinary.

Hook is calling Emma to tell her not to trust Rumpy and confesses to her voicemail that he lied to her and he is very sad. Emma is driving towards the meeting place, and Dairy Queen is able to use her magic to send a hologram of herself to the road. Emma sees her appear and she swerves, crashing her car and being knocked unconscious as we end the first half of this 2 parter. That was a nice callback to the first episode of the show.
Jumping into hour 2, Dairy Queen's plan failed, because now Emma thinks that if DQ doesn't want her to do it, it must be something she should do. Way to go, DQ! She gets back into her car and continues on.

Jumping back into Frozen Flashbacks, Ingrid knew that Anna and Elsa were up to something, so once she and Anna are alone, she casts the mirror spell on her. Man, that spell looks painful! It involves shards of glass flying into your eyes. Ick! The spell, according to Ingrid who is a lying liar who lies, takes your deepest, darkest feelings and brings them to the surface. This makes Anna into the worst, and she is bitter that Elsa ignored her throughout their childhoods, and she is all kinds of angry about that. Ingrid appears and tries to get Elsa to freeze Anna, but Elsa won't, so Anna traps her in the urn. The spell breaks immediately after, and this was obviously not the outcome Ingrid was expecting. Why neither one of them just opens the urn and lets her back out is beyond me. Ingrid freezes Anna, Kristoff, and the whole castle. She will use magic on the urn to make Elsa forget everything that happened so that when the time is right, they can have a fresh start. Rumpy shows up for his hat, and Ingrid claims to have no idea where it is. He takes the urn and says that they can trade, and when she is ready, to call his name 3 times and he will come to her. Alex wondered when he became Bloody Mary, but I pointed out that he has always kind of been like that.

Somewhere in here, Regina and Snow have a talk, which starts off about Robin and ends up being about Emma. She can't believe that they are so calm with her giving up her magic, and then tells them that she regrets trying to convince Henry that he was crazy when he realized how special he was, and tells them that they should not let their daughter lose what makes her special. This is when they realize that Elsa, the potion, and the scarf are gone. Who knows if they realized that Hook was gone as well?

Emma arrives, and Rumpy has already opened the Hat Vortex in another room. The lights are all flickery, and Rumpy and Emma have an interesting conversation here. He wants her in that hat so that he can free himself from the dagger, but he is also basically telling her not to go into that room. She asks what he would do, and he tells her that he wouldn't go into that room, but he is not her because he always makes the wrong choice and she always makes the right one. He leaves her ponder this and heads outside.

Snow, Charming, Regina, and Henry have found the skid marks where Emma crashed, and decide to continue the rest of the way on foot instead of the truck. Why? Obviously Emma didn't. I know that it is so that Snow and Regina can have their touching talk about how Regina has changed and that good things can happen to her if she holds on to hope, but it is kind of a clunky way to do that.

We join Will and Robin in the library on their quest for knowledge. I would watch a whole spinoff with these 2 working together. Will finds a pop-up book and it freaks him out. I seriously love Will! He is all "Woah! What?" Magical portals, talking animals, and genies are all just fine, but a pop-up book is weird. I love this show. Putting the pop-up book down, he finds The Cat In The Hat, and Robin asks the excellent question "Why would a cat want a hat?" Seriously, Robin, Will, and Hook, all trying to figure out how the modern world works. Let's make this a show!

Anyawesome, Robin suddenly finds something in his bag that was not there before Regina and Snow had that talk about hope! He calls her and tells her that she must see it! Snow tells her to go, and that they will find Emma and everything will be fine. Regina tells her that if she is right about hope leading to a happy ending, she will owe Snow a quarter. O.....k......

Hook has arrived at the house, but Rumpy ties him to a fence with a garden hose. He taunts him, and is all kinds of mean, while Emma creeps closer to that door. Elsa also arrives on the scene after following the scarf to a side door. The door is locked, so she uses her ice magic to freeze the door so that it will open. No, neither one of us knows why freezing a lock would make a door easier to open. Let's just go with it, shall we? I do think Alex would like me to put this here, though:


Elsa talks Emma out of getting rid of her magic and about the power of love and helps Emma get it under control. All of the lights stablize, which Rumpy notices and he is not happy about it! Hook is thrilled with this, but he probably would have been better off keeping his big mouth shut. Rumpy will get that magic, but he also needs a heart from someone who knew him before he became the Dark One. Unfortunately for Hook and all of us who love him, he is the only one left that is not dead at this point, so Rumpy rips his heart out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hook will be his puppet now. Oh, this is not going to end well.

Regina meets up with Robin at the library, and he shows her what was in the bag. It is a page from Henry's book! It says page 23, but when they flip to page 23, they see that it is the scene where Regina walks away from Robin outside the tavern. The page 23 that Robin has shows them kissing inside the tavern. 2 different sides of the same story. Very interesting. He says that it simply appeared in his bag, and Regina again says she owes Snow a quarter. Don't be so cheap, Regina! Give her a dollar. Nobody likes to carry change, especially royalty. I learned that from The Princess Diaries.

The last flashback to Frozen for the night shows Ingrid about to summon Rumpy, but is interrupted but the Apprentice. The Sorcerer will make a deal with her. If she gives him the Fantasia hat box instead, he will help her find her third "sister" and she will go to a world where she will find her someday, as well as be reunited with the "sister" she lost(Elsa). She takes that deal, and she is given a door to walk through. When she arrives, she is in 1982, and I spotted a TRON poster in the background! Nice!

Hook is all happy to see Emma, and there are some smooches, but of course he can't tell her that his heart has been ripped out or anything relevant. Outside, everyone is reunited and happy. Inside the Ice Cave, Rumpy is decidedly unhappy. Dairy Queen has magically attached those ribbons to our 3 blonde magic users. She thanks Rumpy, because it is his idiot fault. His plan allowed Emma to finally embrace her powers, which means that all three of them now accept themselves for who they are. Ooops.

Back on the porch of celebration, Emma is being a show-off by turning the rain first into an aurora borealis, then into fireworks. Seriously, less light show, more poofing, Emma! She and Elsa suddenly find themselves afflicted with tacky wrist ribbons that they can't take off and don't go with what they are wearing. They can feeling their magic being pulled from them a bit. This is because the ribbon spell binds their magic together, meaning that each of them has access to each other's magic. I hope this means Emma gets some ice magic. Unfortunately, this also means that Dairy Queen now has the power necessary to cast the mirror spell, and so she does, causing gray(Alex thinks it has purple in it. I'm not seeing it.) fog and glass shards to fly at the camera.

In 2 weeks(noooo!), things will happen that hopefully do not include Hook dying, but definitely include Snow being in jail again. Everyone is going to tear each other apart!

Predictions, etc.:

*No Charming Head trauma. 3-6.

*Anna is frozen, so she must be in the hospital freezer.

*Hook better not die!!! Why do I have to fear this once every season??????

*Our "sisters" will go on tour as a musical group called 3 Total Blondes.

That is all we have for now. We will see you Wednesday for Arrow!

I am glad that Arrow chose to dip its toes into the Silent Hill pool this week. I need Oliver Queen in all of my media, and now I am getting it. If they just throw in the Final Fantasy victory song and make Laurel's eventual weapon a keyblade, I am set.

This week on Arrow, Alex and I missed the first 7 minutes because we were distracted by science. I apologize, but we are not going back to watch those 7 minutes tonight, because Alex is still distracted by the science. When people land things on comets after a decade, you watch it. Or you do if you are into science like Alex is.

When we tune in, Oliver is tracking some guy(we don't know why because of science), and when he finds him, he is hanging upside down at the gym, like a punching bag, being all kinds of Silent Hill. I was waiting for them to need to solve a puzzle to advance, but that didn't happen. Under the body, written in blood, is the word Guilty. That seems like a lot of trouble to go to. You have to kill a guy, hang him up in a public gym, wait for some blood to drain, and neatly write out the word. Whatever, I'm not a comic book villain. It just seems like you would be less likely to be caught if you just wrote "GUILTY" on a Post-It and put it on the guy's forehead and maybe prop him up in the boxing ring.

Gym Guy and Laurel walk in, and Oliver draws his bow. Laurel tells him to knock it off and Gym Guy has been with her for 2 hours, and Oliver calls her by name, and this does not phase Gym Guy in the least. He won't even question why the Arrow happens to know Laurel until later in the episode. Either this guy is the most calm person in Starling or the universe, or he just assumes the Arrow knows everyone by name like some kind of superhero kindergarten teacher with a roll call sheet. I like this guy.

Back in the Lair, Roy has Felicity test his blood for Mirakuru, and she finds no trace of it. He confesses that he has been having nightmares about killing Sara, and Felicity wisely chooses not to provoke him by saying that this is a possible thing. Good girl, Felicity.

Later, Oliver is waiting outside for Laurel, on a public street somewhere, probably outside that nice public gym. When Laurel comes outside, Oliver turns around and pulls down his hood to talk to her. Take that in for a second. Outside, on a public street, under some street lights, he just pulls his hood off to talk to Laurel. No voice changer, no mask, no eye makeup. SERIOUSLY???????? What if Gym Guy comes out? What if anyone walks around the corner or a car passes?


I am so glad I found that image, because I have a feeling I will be using it a lot. Thanks, Girl Code!

I am sure they talked about how Laurel should not be training with a potential killer or whatever, but how am I supposed to concentrate when Oliver is being so dumb and I have no voice to yell at him?

Our flashbacks to Parkour Ninja Marketplace this week involve teaching Oliver memory techniques. Alright. I think Oliver was supposed to have seen something involving a meet up for someone with China White, and I am sure that this was covered in those 7 minutes we missed at the top of the hour, but again, science.

Anyway, Oliver is trying to concentrate, and Sassy Kid keeps asking him why. "I am trying to concentrate." "Why?" "I need to remember something." "Why?" This goes on for the next 45 minutes and the episode is over. Ok, so it doesn't, but I seriously love Sassy Kid. I hope he doesn't die. I will be really angry if they kill that kid.

Sassy is playing some kind of Mahjong memory game, and he tells Oliver to come and try it. Since Oliver can remember where one tile match was, the kid determines that nothing is wrong with his memory. I don't know about that, Sassy. I think that if we went back through the flashbacks to Parkour Ninja Island, we would find out that Oliver has been knocked out, drugged, and throttled more times than the Doctor and Charming combined. There is an excellent chance that all of the characters on all seasons of Dragonball Z haven't taken as many blows to the head as Oliver.

Sassy Kid and Oliver are playing somewhat nicely(Oliver does accuse the kid of cheating at one point) when Sassy Kid's mom comes in and ruins everything because she just hates her some Oliver Queen. I need a nickname for her, but I am not in the mood right now. She doesn't want Oliver playing with her kid, which I guess is a fair enough point if she thinks he will teach Sassy how to be a player. She will teach Oliver memory tricks involving a red candle and breathing techniques. This works instantly, because why wouldn't it. They will go and find whatever it is that Oliver remembered, and she just wants him to leave, and I don't care if Sassy Kid isn't involved.

Oliver put a tracking device on Gym Guy, and he follows him to a storage place where there are some brass knuckles(which were used to kill someone 6 years ago by a lefty), a wall of crazy newspaper articles, and another dead body! This isn't looking so good for Gym Guy. He shows up and he gets into a scuffle with Oliver, but Oliver ends up besting him in the best way possible: he scoops a boxing glove onto his arrow and shoots the guy in the forehead! You have no idea how much I want a boxing glove arrow to become part of Oliver's collection of weird and amazing arrows. That was the best thing I have ever seen on this show!

Oh, man, I hope I find a gif tomorrow of that boxing glove arrow. It will become my default user picture on everything. We learn that before Oliver showed up, Gym Guy was a vigilante, but he quit after the guy was beaten to death 6 years ago, presumably by him. It wasn't him, as we will learn in a bit, but his sidekick. This is all just to draw parallels as to what could happen if Oliver abandons Roy for maybe killing Sara.

Speaking of that, Felicity has to break the news to Roy that there is a chance he did kill Sara. She did a virtual autopsy and the angle of the arrows and other things add up to what it would be like if Roy had one last Mirakuru-induced rage. So, he did kill Sara? He feels the need to confess to Laurel that he did, so we will be seeing some epic battle between these 2 in the future, and Oliver will jump in at the last minute with evidence that Roy didn't do it, and it will all be very poignant.

Oliver meets up with Laurel to talk about Gym Guy, and at first I was wondering why he was bothering with the hood and voice changer now when he obviously was all kinds of stupid before, but it is because Gym Guy is there. They are going to go and find his former student/sidekick together, but Laurel can't come because she is a mess. I think Oliver called the police ahead of time, because they show up not long after the actual killer(the Anti-Roy, if you will) shows up to shoot at them, and they arrest Gym Guy for murder because I think they found another body. Oliver now knows Gym Guy is innocent but does nothing to prevent his arrest. Nice.

Laurel goes and gets the name of Anti-Roy from Gym Guy at the jail, and since the DA isn't going to file charges, he is free to go. Is that a legit thing? If a guy has all kinds of evidence stacking up against him for a string of murders, the DA can just say "Nah, we're cool, let him go" and he can just walk?

Anyscarylegalstuff, Laurel and Gym Guy are kidnapped by Anti-Roy as soon as they leave the station. Anti-Roy was tortured for years by some people after Gym Guy cut him loose, and now everyone has to pay, I guess. Laurel is driving a car at gunpoint, and Oliver is chasing after on his motorcycle. Anti-Roy shoots at him out the window and Oliver crashes into the back of the car and falls off the bike. Thankfully, Diggle is nearby with a van and Roy is on a motorcycle of his own. They manage to distract him enough that he opens the back door of the car, and Laurel pulls off this amazing driving move where she spins the car enough to make the bad guy fly out of the car. Sweet move, Laurel! Too bad she crashes the car not long after and gets knocked out. Doh!

While Diggle and Oliver are pulling Gym Guy and Laurel out of the car that is about to blow up, Roy takes on his evil counterpart, Anti-Roy. Roy does some kind of parkour flip kick and almost lands on a bullet. Seriously, Roy, just straight up fight people! You keep parkouring yourself into projectiles, which although impressive, is not so great for you. If he does it again, this will become the thing we keep track of on this show, like the head trauma on Doctor Who and Once Upon A Time. Good lord, Roy!

Roy and Oliver have a moment where he begs Oliver not to abandon him, and Oliver says he would never. Awwww. Later, they are in the lair, and Roy is saying how much he will miss suiting up, and I am distracted by wondering when Roy got his own plexi-glass costume/arrow case. Why can't Diggle get a costume and have one? Will they build one for Laurel when she eventually takes Sara's place as the Canary? That isn't a spoiler, by the way, because we keep ourselves spoiler free here. It would be ridiculous to have a predictions site if we read spoilers and knew what was coming. We'll watch trailers and stuff, but neither of us will read spoiler sites. Laurel becoming the Canary eventually just seems like common sense to me, as I believe that she was the only Black Canary in the comic books(which I never read), so unless they are going to pull another switch and make Felicity a superhero, it just seems logical to me. I just want to point that out that this is my opinion and not a confirmed fact.

Back on point, Roy says Anti-Roy told him that he was just another weapon in Oliver's arsenal, and Oliver says that maybe Roy's name should be Arsenal. That is a pretty intimidating name there. I am pretty sure Roy was supposed to be Speedy, but I am still hoping for a Thea in a sombrero Speedy superhero thing to happen, so I will accept Arsenal. I would be far more frightened of meeting up with someone called Arsenal than someone called Arrow, especially if his eyes are 10 times bigger than they should be when he wears a mask. Was Roy wearing black eyeliner under that mask, or is there just a thick black outline under the eyes on the mask itself?
I am off point again, sorry. Roy is surprised that Oliver would let him suit up again since he probably killed Sara. Oliver decides to use that candle memory trick on Roy. Roy is just now starting to remember bits and pieces of what he did when he was overdosed on Hulk Serum(which is easier for me to spell than Mirakuru). Just wanted to throw that in there. As he does the breathing, he remembers killing Sara, but he also now remembers killing that cop by stabbing an arrow through his chest and looking up to see Sara and Oliver. Roy is horrified, and Oliver said that he was hoping Roy would never have to remember since it wasn't his fault. When he was Hulk Roy, he was not in control. Oliver thinks that maybe these memories bleeding through are getting mixed up in his mind, and instead of killing the cop, he is "remembering" killing Sara. So, he didn't kill Sara then? This is very confusing. Roy says he needs some time to himself. So do I.

Laurel goes to see Gym Guy, and even though Oliver told him not to go near Laurel, you just know he is going to continue to train her. She must avenge her sister and all of that instead of telling her father(and River Song) that Sara is dead.

Anti-Roy is being taken out of the police department in cuffs and leg shackles when arrows come flying in to knock down the officers transferring him! We pan to yet another new archer! When Anti-Roy asks who she is, she says "Cupid. Stupid." I both love and hate this girl instantly.

Next week, Oliver will get seduced by the new archer and maybe die, except he won't die because then the show would be over.

Predictions, etc.:

*I still think that Oliver and Thea will find out each other's secrets in season 72.

*I still don't believe that Roy actually killed Sara.

*Laurel will be the Black Canary against Oliver's will. She will build her own plexi-glass case for her costume/weapon.

*Poor Quentin will find out Sara died in the series finale in 25 years.

*The Cupid Archer is another one of Malcolm Merlyn's illegitimate children.

*Cupid Archer killed Sara.

*Sara's evil twin killed Sara.

*Everyone killed Sara. It will be like Allison on Pretty Little Liars, and in 4 more seasons, we will find out she isn't dead at all.

*Roy and Laurel will have an epic battle, even though it will be proven that Roy didn't kill Sara, because Laurel makes bad choices all the time.

That's it for now. We may see you Saturday for something random or to talk more about Doctor Who, or we will see you Sunday for 2 hours of Once Upon A Time!

Once Upon A Time(The Ice Queen)
tiny bus
Our flashbacks this week take us back to Arendelle, but not to Anna and Elsa. We learned that a lot of nerdy people lived there when Dairy Queen was young. This was a very good episode, but it looked far more exciting in the preview from last week. I think I am going to just bunch things up this week, because I don't feel good.

In the Land of Flashbacks, Arendelle Edition: we meet young Ingrid, Helga, and Gerta(Anna and Elsa's mom). They are flying a kite on a lovely day until it gets stuck in a tree. Little Gerta removes the ribbons, and then a man appears from behind a tree. It turns out that the kite was his. So, these girls are princesses, but they had to "borrow" someone else's kite? Okie dokie then.

The man has decided that his kite is worth nothing considering that he now has his hands on princesses! Oh no! He grabs Helga and Gerta, and when Ingrid tries to grab them back, he knocks her down. As she flies backwards through the air, she hits him with ice. This is all new to her, so she begins to panic. Her sisters swear that they will never tell anyone, and they each take a ribbon from the kite and make an oath never to abandon each other, and they wear those ribbons as bracelets. Awwww.

Years later, the girls are now young adults. Helga and Gerta are preparing for a ball to be thrown on their father's birthday. Ingrid hasn't been to any of these things since she found out about her ice magic, and her sisters are trying to convince her to come. I must say, it is no wonder the Dairy Queen is so nuts, because she is still sleep in a child's bed as an adult! Yikes! I would be pretty bitter too if I was sleeping in a child's bed as an adult!

Helga dances with a duke, and everyone is having a lovely time. Ingrid sneaks down to watch, but it starts to snow around her, so she leaves. She later tells her sisters about this, and Gerta says that she has heard of a wizard in a land called Mist Haven(aka The Enchanted Forest) who can help. This isn't going to go well.

Rumpy offers to give Ingrid lessons to control her magic, but she wants it gone. Had she accepted the lessons, she would have been fine, but since she doesn't, she has to pay a price, which is the ribbons that they wear as their oath. They are a little hesitant, but they pay up and Rumpy gives her gloves that will block her magic, and also the Urn of Ice Magic Holding, just in case. Uh oh.

Later, Ingrid is just hanging out in a gazebo, dressed in her current snow dress, holding her gloves and urn. You know, like you do. The duke comes up and tries to hit on her and says that as long as Helga doesn't know, who cares? He tries to kiss her and she pushes him away with magic. I should mention that the whole time he advanced on her, she dropped her gloves and kept trying to get them and he prevented it, so I think he knew something was up.

Helga shows up, and the duke tries to spin it that Ingrid came on to him and when he refused her advances, she used magic on him. Thankfully, Helga doesn't buy it and tells him to get lost. He threatens to tell all of Arendelle about Ingrid and she is about to blast him with ice when he shoves Helga in front of him. She turns into Ice Helga and shatters into pieces. So, Helga didn't disappear, she died.

Gerta comes out and finds Ingrid sobbing over Helga's body.....or the chunks of ice that used to be her body. She is not happy about this, calls Ingrid a monster, and traps her in the urn! Well, Gerta, it looks like you got the best end of this deal. Ingrid was the oldest and set to become queen, but was going to disappear so that the next oldest, Helga, could be queen. How convenient that Gerta went from 3rd runner up to queen.

Gerta goes to see the Grand Pabbi(Anna's future in-law) and asks for a potion that will make everyone forget the other 2 princesses. I think Gerta is a bit of an evil genius, except for the fact that she was heading back to Rumpy years later to help with Elsa's powers when she already had the gloves that would block them and ended up and dying. Smooth move, girl.

In the present, Robin pays a visit to Regina, and they rehash their conversation about how he needs to forget her and remember how his wife is his true love. Once again, Robin makes a face that screams that he would rather lick a toilet. I hear ya, Robin. Can't we just leave her the way she is and use her as a cooler to keep our drinks cold while we have a nice picnic when ice queens aren't chasing us? No? Oh, well.

Later, he runs into good old Will Scarlet, and we learn absolutely nothing new about how he ended up in Storybrooke or what happened to Anastasia or anything. They do have a nice chat about true love and how Marian gave up a nice life to live as a thief for Robin. Still don't like her. Will says that if someone if worth ruining your life for, they are worth loving. That doesn't sound like great advice there, Will. This talk leads to Robin returning to visit Regina later so he can break his code of living honestly and doing the right thing by making out with her. I am ok with this.

We check in with Snow, where she is having some kind of Mommy and Me meeting, and HOLY CRAP IT'S AURORA'S BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's about time! She also had a boy, and his name is Phillip. Where is Phillip Sr.? Does it matter? We also check in with another missing princess because Cinderella is there! You know who isn't there? Rapunzel!

Anyprincess, Emma comes to pick up baby Neal to babysit, but she starts to get a little jealous because Snow is so devoted to her new baby. She gets it, because although Snow is technically not a first time mother, this is the first time she has gotten to raise a baby. The bottle in Emma's hand starts to glow white and the liquid inside is boiling. She tries to pass it off that she was just practicing magic with Elsa to catch Dairy Queen, but Snow looks at her with distrust as Emma reaches for Neal. Really, Snow? I hope someone freezes you before the season is over for so easily falling into such a trap.

This awkward moment is interrupted by Charming calling to tell Emma that Dairy Queen is in the clock tower. I swear if someone blows all the glass out of that thing this season, they should just leave it be.

Emma arrives and uses her magic to capture DQ before she can use her magic mirror. How do they not recognize a trap like this when it is shoved in their faces? They take DQ down to the station, and she starts pushing Elsa's buttons, so Emma sends her to help Hook and Charming take the mirror apart. DQ manages to eventually push Emma's buttons when she mentions that Snow and Charming chose to have a new child and that they thank their lucky stars that he was born normal. Ouch! This is when Emma blows the side of the police building off. Oops!

Meanwhile, Henry is with Regina, and when she asks him why he is so dressed up, he tells her that he is getting married. Oh, Henry, is Emma really being that neglectful? He was only kidding though, as Rumpy told him if he wants to work in the family business, he needs to present himself well, and must wear a tie. To sweep the floors. Don't worry though because Henry won't be sweeping floors forever! Rumpy gives him a magic potion to make old things new again called furniture polish! Ha! Henry's face was priceless there.

After Charming, Hook, and Elsa are informed by Belle that they have been staring into a fake mirror for hours(*headdesk*), they all head to the police station(pre-blow up) and find the doors iced over, leaving Emma trapped with Dairy Queen. So our really stupid heroes head off to fetch Rumpy to see if he can help her. He seems way too agreeable to this plan, and Hook is suspicious.

By the time they get there, it is post blow up, and Emma can't control her powers. She comes so close to giving Charming some head trauma, but hits his shoulder instead. Come on, Emma, help a girl out here! Snow is all judgey with her daughter and Emma runs off. Way to go, Snow! They all try to find her, but have no luck. Hook says that means she doesn't want to be found. I don't want to tell you how to do your job, guys, but can we just acknowledge that:

*There is still an ice barrier around town, so she can't leave;
*She drives a yellow car in a town that is not exactly filled with yellow cars;
*You have a freaking wolf in your town that can track people by scent;
please? I am also pretty sure that Regina and Rumpy have magic that can track people, so none of you are trying that hard, is what I'm saying.

Moving on, Emma cries in her car while DQ makes a deal with Rumpy. She wants her ribbons back, and in exchange, she will tell him what else he needs to use the Fantasia hat to unbind him from the dagger. Once he is no longer bound to the dagger, he can leave town without losing his magic or Belle, and all Queenie wants in return is that she let him have Storybrooke while he can have the rest of the world. He will make the deal once she tells him what she knows. We don't get to know because she whispers it in his ear, but whatever it is, it must be pretty evil because he gets an evil smile and says he will do it with pleasure. Uh oh.

Next week, we are getting a two hour episode about magic, magic, and more magic!

Predictions, etc.:

*We came so close to Charming head trauma! We still stand at 3 for Charming, but the Doctor stopped at 6, so he can still win!

*Anna is either in the hos[ital jail or lives in baby Neal.

*We did not fill this with chat about Doctor Who, mainly because I have no voice TO chat, so I guess Alex is wrong.

*Emma is going to give Henry some head trauma, but we won't keep count of that.

Ok, I am tired and full of coughs, so we will see you Wednesday for Arrow!

Doctor Who(Death in Heaven)
make cookies for orphans
The Series 8 finale! Woot! We had some very shocking moments in this finale, and some very sad moments too. Let's jump right to it, shall we?

Our first scene is of Clara, thankfully, since last we saw her, she was trapped in a room with a Cyberman. I guess she got away from him and hid somewhere else, because now one walks by and turns around to confront her. He identifies her as Clara Oswald, and this is where the whole "Clara Oswald never existed thing" comes into play, because Clara says this as an attempt to fool the Cybermen into believing that she is the Doctor. She really is a clever girl.

The Cybermen are invading the streets of London! Since people apparently have such crappy memories and don't remember them invading 97 million times, they stop to take selfies with them! Cyber Selfies! Brilliant! One of the people taking a selfie is Osgood! Instead of the 4th Doctor's scarf, she is wearing 11's bow tie this time around. When 12 asks her about it, she tells him that bow ties are cool. Man, I wouldn't mind if they released a mini series about her running around, stealing past Doctors' neck wear. I'm going to miss Osgood since they (SPOILER) kill her later. :(

Kate comes running up the street and says that the Doctor is on UNIT's payroll. He says "I am?" and asks how much he gets paid until she shushes him. After awhile, the Cybermen fly. Oh, yeah, they fly now. Alex wrote in huge letters "THEY FLY NOW?" I know, right? They are going to blow up and pollinate things and there will be rain clouds and Alex wrote "Cyber Rain?" That sounds like a top 40 hit to me!
UNIT uses knockout darts to knock the Doctor and Missy out, right in the middle of a question, might I add. Before he falls unconscious(but not in a head trauma way), he whispers to Osgood that they need to watch the cemeteries. Sounds like fun.

It is raining Cyber Pollen, and water is coming out of weird areas, which brings us to the morgue. There is some Cyber Water leaking onto the floor, and the dead bodies have turned into Cybermen. I must say that this upgrade process seems far less painful than the original method. At least the Master improved something.

When they shoot the Doctor in the neck with yet more chemicals to wake him, he is not pleased. He asked Kate if her father would do such a thing, and she tells him that he really would, and even having only seen a few Classic Who episodes involving the Brigadier, I have to agree that he would. Now that he is on UNIT property, his word is law. Um...what? When was that established? They also say that the president is coming on, and when they establish that Americans would muck things up, she clarifies that she means the president of earth. When did we get one of those? Just now, because it is the Doctor! He should be president of earth. I would vote for that.

Back inside the cathedral(I think that is where they are), Clara is still trying to convince the Cybermen that she is the Doctor, using knowledge that I am not entirely sure she should have. I am sorry, but I need to veer off-track here. Clara gained all of the knowledge of the previous Doctors when she stepped into 11's time stream on Trenzalore, and that is where she fragmented into different lives, always to save the Doctor. However, the events of the Christmas special prevented the fall of the 11th on Trenzalore, because the Time Lords gave him a new regeneration cycle, which means that Clara couldn't have ever stepped into the time stream in the TARDIS Tomb. I would have been willing to go with the fact that she retained this knowledge anyway, but her words and actions earlier in the season made it seem like she had no idea what was going on with the Doctor regenerating. This season has been really inconsistent with her knowledge. Sometimes she seems to know everything, and at others, she knows just the bare minimum of what she would know had she not stepped into the time stream. It has bugged me all season.

Anyway, Clara is knocked out and a Cyberman attacks all of the others. That was about 9:15, and I called that the Cyberman would be Danny. I ended up being correct.

None of that matters, because the Cyberman equivalent of Thriller is about to go down! The dead bodies in the ground are turning into Cybermen, and again, this seems like a far more humane upgrade process. Darkness falls across the land, and the fog rolls in. The Missy Master even gets them to do a little dance later! Cause this is Thriller! Thriller night! And no one's gonna save you from the newly risen Cybermen, girl! So good!

Meanwhile, they have The Missy Master handcuffed to a pole 5 feet from the TARDIS. Are you freaking kidding me???? I can't even. Who's brilliant idea was that? Anyway, because she is awesome, Missy sings "Oh, Missy, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey, Missy! Hey, Missy!" You guys, I love the Master, and I am going to be so bummed when she inevitably dies at the end of the episode and doesn't show up again for 4 or 5 years. Fun fact: Alex and I went to see Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel at our local Cinemark as a Fathom Event earlier this year, and the first song that popped up on my iPod at the end was Hey Mickey, and we had a good laugh.

Unfortunately, this is one of the sad parts. Missy has somehow managed to slip her cuffs into Osgood's pocket, meaning she is free. She tells Osgood to say something nice(what is up with that?), and Osgood says that she is worth more alive than dead, which is true, but Missy also says that she is bananas and vaporizes Osgood! Oh no! Now we will never see her stealing accessories from previous Doctors! I will miss you, Osgood, even though we only knew you for 2 episodes.

Clara wakes up in a cemetery, but not at one of her several graves. She confronts the Cyberman who brought her here, and he wants her to get the Doctor. She says that she and the Doctor are besties and he is the one man she would never lie to. Well, I think we have seen that this is not the case previously, and she will end the episode by lying to him, so Clara is just a lying liar who lies. It is then revealed that the Cyberman is Danny and I called it! He wants her to turn on his emotional inhibitor so that he doesn't feel all of this pain anymore. Danny is not looking so good. Whoever did the makeup in this episode did a fine job.

Back on the UNIT airplane, the Doctor notices that Missy has escaped. You know, in that holding area right by the TARDIS? So he goes down there, and Missy pops up and they have a chat. Then the phone on the TARDIS rings, and Missy knows that it is Clara calling for help. She is the woman from the shop who gave Clara the number! The question the Doctor should ask here, but doesn't, is why didn't Clara recognize her last week then? They flashback to The Bells of St. John, and Clara clearly says that the woman in the shop wrote it down, which means that she gave her a piece of paper, meaning she didn't speak to her over the phone. Missy was about to get all kissy up in her face last week, so wouldn't you think Clara would recognize her?

Anyplothole, Kate shows up, and Missy removes the side of the plane and Kate is sucked out of the plane! Oh, no, Kate!!!!! Why are we killing off all of the 50th anniversary characters?? Is Elizabeth the 1st going to show up and get her head ripped off or something? Sheesh! I miss Granddad, Sand Shoes, and Dickey Bow. :(

The Master Missy poofs out of the plane(I believe after telling the Doctor that she found Gallifrey), and watches from either the Promised Land or 3W with her assistant, who will also get zapped. Oh, I forgot that earlier in the episode that the Doctor said Missy could have been planning this for a long time because she had a TARDIS. Was her TARDIS that weird garden that looked like Appalapucia? They really should have made this longer to explain some of these little things. The Doctor also gets sucked out of the plane, but he uses a TARDIS key to call the TARDIS and then goes to the cemetery where Clara is trying to turn the emotional inhibitor on, because of her screwy memory. She has to know that once it is flipped on, he will become a killing machine. *sigh*

I found myself wondering if they were going to find a way to un-Cyber Danny, and if not, does this mean that Clara's history will get rewritten yet again? It feels like this is the 3rd time. The first would be when she stepped in the time stream, the second would be when she didn't, and now there is the issue of her future relative that is definitely her grandkid or whatever with Danny. If Danny is dead, does that mean that that whole plot is now void? Does this mean that if she and the Doctor went back to the place where the monster from freaking Midnight was, he never would have been there? Does that mean she never talked to the Doctor as a child now? I am so confused! Unless next season we learn that Clara was already pregnant when Danny died, I don't know how we are getting out of this plot hole.

The Doctor doesn't want to turn Danny into an emotionless killing machine, and makes a beautiful speech that will be undone as soon as Danny tells him that he can't tell him what Missy's plan is unless he flips the switch. So, he lets Clara do it, so he can keep his own hands clean. Missy shows up to reveal her plan, and make the Cybermen dance. She doesn't notice that Danny doesn't do the dance, which should be noticeable because Clara is hugging him the whole time, and if he followed her orders, he would have flung her off.

So, what is the big Master plan(couldn't resist)? To build an army for the Doctor! She puts this bracelet on him that will allow him to control the Cybermen, which really seems like a bad idea since he could just order them to take you out, but whatever. Missy just wants things to be the same as they used to be back when they were friends on Gallifrey, and that he can be the good guy and use these armies to make sure the good guys always win. The Doctor is not down with this plan, and after a series of flashbacks, turns control of the army over to Danny, who is still on their side. He commands all of the Cybermen to fly into the rain clouds and explode, which will destroy the clouds for good. He says his goodbyes to Clara, and they fly away and burn up the clouds.

Clara is ready to vaporize Missy with her own weapon, but the Doctor won't let her. He doesn't want her to kill anyone, so he takes the device and aims it at her. Oh, Master, I knew you would die by the end of the episode. I hope you come back as that bunny that 10 confronted in the anniversary episode. Before she is shot, Missy gives him the coordinates to get to Gallifrey, and says that it is back where it was before. He doesn't get to fire, though, because one of those Cybermen stayed behind and shot her. Then it points to someone. That someone is Kate, who is somehow not dead, but she isn't doing well. I originally thought maybe it was Osgood, protecting her boss, but it is far better than that. It is CyberBrigadier, looking out for his daughter! That is so sweet! The Brigadier finally gets his wish, as the Doctor salutes him. That was a beautiful moment. I do wish that they would acknowledge Elizabeth Sladen's passing on this show at some point. I don't think i would have been thrilled with a CyberSaraJane, but I would like some kind of tribute to her at some point. I realize that it might be nicer to believe that Sara Jane is still off having adventures, but I really believe that they need to acknowledge that she has died and pay tribute to her. Bring Luke on as a companion, or bring K9 and Mr. Smith on the TARDIS or something.

After the final commercial break, where I played the last round of Who Knows Who and got the impressive(to me) score of 240 out of 250, we come back to a point 2 weeks later. Clara is sleeping when she hears Danny's voice calling to her. She is so happy that he will be returning, since apparently that bracelet will allow him to come back because it allows travel between 2 worlds. Danny chooses to send back that little boy that he accidentally killed so that she can find his parents and return him. I both love that he was so unselfish and hate how ridiculous that premise is. That kid's parents know he is dead, and I have a feeling that they will not be so willing to believe that the ghost of a Cyberman who was the one who killed him in the first place sacrificed himself to give them their kid back.

It is now time for the Lying Liars Who Lie show, as the Doctor and Clara have lunch and lie to each other. Clara is about to tell him about the child, but the Doctor thinks that she is going to tell him that Danny is back and that they are together, so she can't travel with him anymore. He says that this is fine because he found Gallifrey and went back there! This is exciting for a few seconds until we see through a flashback that when he went to the coordinates that Missy gave him, nothing was there. Gallifrey is still lost. Clara wants the Doctor to be happy, so she tells him that he is correct and that she and Danny will be just fine. This whole thing is heart breaking. Liars. She asks if they can break one of his rules and hug, and he agrees. It is all kinds of awkward until the Doctor finally does put his arms around her. She asks why he doesn't like to hug, and he tells her that she should never trust a hug because it is an excuse to hide your face. That is exactly what both of them are doing right now: hiding the sorrow in their faces at losing each other, but they both think they are doing what is best for the other.

They say their goodbyes outside, and the Doctor gets into the TARDIS and takes off in front of a whole crowd of people and not one single person reacts to a giant blue box disappearing into thin air, which had me and Alex laughing. We see the Doctor looking all sad in his TARDIS and the credits start to roll. We both just looked at each other because that is a horrible ending and there were still 2 minutes left. We then cut back to sad Doctor, and someone is talking to him, telling him that he knows that he is not fine and neither is Clara, and we cut to the door and find out it was Santa. Um....what? I kind of liked the ending without the random Santa appearance.

Next time, Christmas special! Alex noted that it looks like the Christmas special with be Doctor Who crossed with Aliens Vs Predator. That seems like a fair assessment.

I have so much more to say about this, but it is almost 1 am, and I need to let Alex get to sleep. Maybe we will make a post before Once Upon A Time tomorrow to ask more of the questions we want to ask.

Predictions, etc.:

*Missy was the woman in the shop.

*No new head trauma, so the Doctor rests at 6, but I will count anything that comes about in the Christmas special.

Arrow(The Secret Origins of Felicity Smoak)
tiny bus
I had this post half way written out before Tumblr's window just randomly closed, and it doesn't save drafts unless you manually save them. I might move this blog to WordPress because that is just annoying. So now I get to start all over again. Yaaaayyy....blah.

We open on a scene of everybody Kung-Fu Fighting! Ha! Woo chop! Oliver and Roy are sparring with staffs, Laurel and Gym Guy are boxing, and Thea and Malcolm are using swords. You know who isn't kung-fu fighting? Felicity. She is doing crunches in her living room, and is quite happy after she does 5. Ha! At least, I think she said 5. Ray Palmer drops by, and so does her mom! Holy crap, Felicity has a mom! Who dresses kind of trashy and is sort of a ditz! Also, Felicity apparently has really annoying neighbors because she thinks both knocks at her door are them looking for their cat. Poor Felicity. Her mom is so excited that she works for a millionaire. Especially after he gives her a fancy watch.

In a flashback to Felicity 5 years ago, we find out that she was a goth! It is exactly as amazing as you are picturing it. Black hair, dark eye makeup, dark lipstick, the whole works. She is in her college dorm with her roommate and her boyfriend, Cooper. Hey! That guy played Colin on Awkward! Felicity has written a Super Virus, and her boyfriend is using it to hack into their college. He comes up with the best plan ever to wipe out everyone's student loans, but Felicity and her roommate think this is a terrible idea. Something about prison, but you 2 can shut up because Cooper is a genius!
Back in the present, Thea is showing Oliver her new loft, and it is AMAZING! When he asks where she got the money, she admits that it is Malcolm's, but doesn't admit that she knew he was alive and has been training with him this whole time. She says that since she is his last living heir and everyone thinks he is dead, she gets his money. Oliver begs her not to take it, because it is blood money, but I don't think he is taking in how awesome this loft is! I would personally sell one of my own kidneys for that loft, so shut it, Oliver! Considering how this ends, we will need a nickname for this place. Speedy Arrow Fun House? Ninja Loft? We will think of something.

As they are talking in the loft, all of the lights go out throughout the city. We are shown scenes of everyone while this happens, but the important one is Diggle, because he has baby Sara with him. On a side note, did he and Lyla have a name picked for that baby before Sara died? What was it? I guess we will never know.

At the club, Felicity has brought her mom along because she needs to meet up with Oliver to help him with the lights. Her mom is once again so excited that she knows so many rich people. I kind of love Felicity's mom. Diggle shows up with the baby, and they are going to head down into the Arrow Lair(got that one from TWoP, btw) when Oliver asks Diggle why the baby is there. Apparently, he is uncomfortable with Diggle bringing the baby into the Lair! Diggle, Alex, and I all basically say at once "Who is she going to tell, Oliver????" Does he think that she has Argus software built in? She can't talk, can't walk, and is strapped to Diggle's chest, so it isn't like she can hurt herself. You are fine with Hulk Roy and Vengeful Laurel, but a tiny baby is the tipping point? Oh, Oliver. In the end, Diggle leaves the baby with Felicity's mom. That sounds like a fool-proof plan.

Back in Goth Felicity Past, we see her and Cooper walking around outside, so now I can see that she has purple streaks in the black hair. I can't even deal with how much I love Goth Felicity! The black and purple are visually pleasing to both me and Alex! She and her boyfriend are making out in the street when the FBI busts them and interrupts. Alex wrote "Poor FBI.", I say "Poor Felicity." They are both hauled off. I am not sure if it was before or after this scene that Felicity admitted that she created the virus and knows she can't stop it. Why would she not know how to stop her own program? That doesn't make sense.

In the Lair, Felicity tells the gang about how she created the virus and about her roommate and boyfriend. She tells them that it could be the roommate, and just as she is about to look him up, she notices Thea coming in, so Oliver needs to go out the side exit. How many exits are there from the Lair, and why do we only ever see them using the one up the stairs if there are others?

Thea tries to open the door to the Lair when Oliver pops up behind her to tell her that the door can't be opened and that the basement is flooded anyway. Sounds legit. They talk about how important family is, and he interprets that to mean that Thea only puts up with him because they are related. I didn't hear that, but he's the star, so we'll go with that.

Roy and Oliver show up at roommate's workplace to tell him together that he has failed this city. Where did Roy even come from? Was he there the whole time? Seriously, why are his eyes so big when he wears that mask? It doesn't matter, because roommate has not failed this city at all. He admits that he showed the Super Virus to a few people, but he didn't think it was a big deal. Alex can't deal with how stupid that is. Why wouldn't it be dangerous to share a Super Virus with people????

Back at the Lair, Oliver wants Felicity to find the guys he shared SV with, but she didn't find anything useful. When he asks if it could be her ex, she says no. When they press her further, she tells them that Cooper is dead, and he killed himself before sentencing. This happened about 8:30, and I called it right there that Cooper faked his death and is the hacker. Alex called that Felicity's mom was the hacker. Only one of us was right.

We cut to a scene with Felicity with her mom, and they probably had an argument, but I was too busy wondering where Diggle's baby was. Seriously, a few scenes later, her mom is packing to go home and says that Diggle's nanny just picked the baby up, so where on earth was she during the previous scene??? We will never get an answer to this question because we have learned that Felicity's mom got an email telling her that she won a round trip ticket to Starling City, 1st class. This is obviously a trap, and a few seconds later, ninjas break in to kidnap the ladies. Diggle might want to make sure that someone he actually knows has that baby!

Felicity and her mom are tied up to chairs in a room with a few computer monitors and some goons. A deep voice greets her, and it turns out to be her not-so-dead ex! Called it! The CIA(I think) wanted him for his computer skills, so his death was faked. He is very bitter about the world now, and he thinks that Felicity has become a corporate lapdog. Hey, roommate actually did become the type of guy you hate and I don't see him and his mom tied to chairs!

Anycrazy, he wants to rob an armored truck, and wants Felicity to hack into their navigation system so that the money will come right to him. Felicity is not having it until he tells her he will kill her mother if she doesn't. She does what she is asked.

Oliver and the gang are worried about Felicity when she has been gone for awhile, which is sweet. After she finishes her hacking, Crazy Cooper goes outside to give his ninja goons instructions, and while they are alone, Felicity realizes that the watch that her awesome boss gave her mom at the beginning of the episode will create a wifi signal, so I think she sends a distress signal to Oliver, because he shows up when Cooper is about to shoot her in the face. For getting a job you don't approve of? For not using her program to do crime? Whatever, dude.

Cooper was apparently expecting Felicity to get a message to someone somehow, because he has the place booby trapped with motion detectors that are hooked to what sounds like machine guns. Oliver learned his lesson from the last time this happened and has arrows ready for such an occasion. Roy and Diggle are outside taking care of the goons who are shooting at the guys in the armored truck, and Diggle has a disguise! It is basically a ski mask and a leather jacket, but it is better than nothing!

Cooper holds Felicity in front of him, and is going to shoot her. Oliver probably would have fired an arrow at him had Felicity not gone full on kung-fu herself, and elbowed him and then smacked his face right to the ground! Go, Felicity! She and her mom hug, and she shares a meaningful look with Oliver. Awwwww.

Earlier in the episode, Laurel was made acting District Attorney, because Paul from Orphan Black and every other show on TV was off being busy all over every show ever. She abuses this power by sending a riot squad out and accidentally causing a riot. Nice.

Felicity and her mom bond before she goes home, and Oliver brings popcorn to Thea's new place to make peace with her. I said out loud that Thea should ask Oliver to move in, and then Thea asked Oliver to move in! It's like they are reading my mind! They sit down to watch some TV, while Malcolm watches them like the creepiest stalker from a balcony across the street. Way to be weird, Evil Jack.

Our last scene of the night shows us Roy, who has not been sleeping well lately. We are shown his nightmare, and it is of Sara dying, but he is the one who killed her! WHAT?????? That has to be a dream, right? Roy wasn't Hulked out anymore by the time Sara died. He wasn't even Hulked out when they fought Slade's Miracuru Army anymore, and in this dream, he threw the arrows at her with his bare hands, no bow involved. I don't think he would have had the strength to throw 3 arrows with enough momentum to strike her in the chest 3 times without missing once. With a bow, yeah, but with his hands, from a distance? Maybe there is no real cure for the Miracuru(or however you spell it), and he still has some enhanced abilities. *shrugs*

Next week,we get more into this potential murder by Roy, and Laurel says she wants to avenge her sister. Will you tell your father that is other daughter is dead after you do that and end up in prison, Laurel? For crying in a bucket already.

Predictions, etc.:

*Oliver will find out about Thea training with Malcolm all summer around the same time that she finds out that he is the Arrow, which will be some time in season 72.

*There is no way Roy killed Sara. Someone is screwing with his mind.

*Laurel will prove herself as a warrior and will take up the Black Canary mantle.

*Quentin will never learn who the Arrow is, he will never learn that Sara died, and he will keep accidentally giving Laurel power that she will abuse in hilarious ways.

That is all for now. We will see you Saturday for the super exciting season finale of Doctor Who!

Once Upon A Time(Family Business)
We get some new back story this week! Yay! Are we still stuck on last night's Doctor Who? You bet!

We get a new character this week, and she is Belle's mom! Belle had one of those! She wasn't hatched out of a book egg or something! Belle's mom is on our screen for less than 5 minutes before she up and dies. Bye, Belle's mom! It was nice to meet you!

Belle wakes up and wanders out into her mom's funeral, having no memories of how she died. Couldn't her dad just tell her that an ogre killed her? Unless that isn't what happened. Belle really wants to remember watching her mother die for some reason, and so she will journey to my kingdom, Erindell....errrrr. Arendelle. She will meet Anna at an inn run by a guy who looks a suspicious amount like Taran Killam. Imdb says that Oaken is played by Darcey Johnson, not Taran Killam, so there ya go.

Moving on, Anna takes Belle to see her future in-laws to help Belle retain her memories of watching her mother die. I can't stress enough how weird that is to me unless she didn't really die at all and she made some kind of deal with the ogre that she would be his wife if he spared Belle. Her memories are put into a beautiful amethyst crystal. Anna is also on a journey, because she is very suspicious of her brand new aunt, and Dairy Queen finally gets a name! Her name is Ingrid. However, since Emma seems keen to keep calling her Dairy Queen, so shall we.

On a side note, are they ever going to find that message in a bottle that her parents tossed into the sea in the first episode of the season? They wouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't going to come up again, would they? Do you think the message was that weird runic scroll they found tonight with the Emma prophecy on it?

We'll stick a pin in that and come back to it another time. Anna finds out that not only is Ingrid her aunt, but that her mother had another sister! Her name was Helga. One day, Ingrid and Helga just disappeared, and after what I hope was an exhaustive search, the royal family decided to erase them from the records and their memories. What would happen if they magically reappeared someday? What kind of awful nonsense is that? Anna believes Ingrid is up to something, and I am not sure I follow her logic. She is introduced to her, didn't know her mother had a sister, has it confirmed that she did, but she is up to something?

Anyweirdo, as they start walking back, a storm is a brewin. That is not just any storm....it is a Dairy Queen storm! I wish that there was snow so that I could call it a Blizzard. I really want one of those right now. Thanks a lot, Once Upon A Time! Now I am dying for a Blizzard and it is too late to get one!

The girls fall, and Anna goes over the edge. Belle's Crystal of Mom Memories is just slightly out of her reach, so instead of just crawling towards it and grabbing it, she just lays on her stomach and reaches for it until she accidentally knocks it down and it shatters. This whole time, Anna is calling for her help, and it isn't until she breaks the crystal that she actually bothers to try. That seems very out of character for Belle. That whole thing was weird. She crawls over to Anna(why didn't she do that for the crystal?????????) but just as she reaches for her, Anna loses her grip and falls. Oh no! Annnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry, she is fine. Well, as fine as one who just fell off a cliff and is about to be locked in a dungeon can be. DQ comes in and swishes her away, and she believes that Anna was going to use the Fantasia hat to steal Elsa's powers, and now she will have to replace Anna with someone new, and leaves her all locked up. Bummer for Anna.

Belle returns home without her memories, and tells her dad that they should summon Rumpy to help with the Ogre Wars, and we all know what happens then.

That was our flashback segment. In the present, Rumpy and Belle are summoned to the police station to watch the video tape from the end of the last episode. What does it all mean???? How do they find Dairy Queen to find out??? They have already searched her ice cream shop and tossed her house. Henry gets his 5 minutes of screen time this week by suggesting they search her ice cream truck. Thank you, Henry! See you next week, maybe! Off to the ice cream truck, which has no ice cream in it! Booo!!!!!

Robin and his Merry Men are the ones who spotted the ice cream truck, so he and Regina eventually have to have an awkward conversation. He is still hopeful that she can unfreeze Marian(why?), and Regina has already tried everything she can think of, and every spell in all of her books. The only thing left for Robin to do is forget his feelings for Regina and try to fall in love with his wife again. Robin's face looks as though Regina just asked him to lick a toilet! Ha!

The only thing they find in the ice cream truck is a folder filled with Emma stuff. Apparently, Dairy Queen knew about her from the time that she was found on the side of the road, up until she brought her into her home, and possibly beyond. Emma has herself a super fan! Or a stalker! Sometimes it is the same thing.

Meanwhile, Belle is suddenly feeling guilty that she has kept this secret that she knew Anna, and is off to find the Fantasia hat. Uh oh, Rumpy, you're in trouble! She decides to venture out to DQ's ice cave, and since Rumpy won't go willingly(to be fair, he WAS just there to warn her that Emma is on to him and she DID threaten him), Belle pulls out the dagger! Will he keep up his charade or confess that she doesn't have the real dagger? It's Rumpy, so of course he goes along. In the cave, Belle encounters the most evil mirror in the universe that tells her that she is a coward, and that she didn't care enough about Anna to save her before, and that she is stupid for thinking she has the real dagger. Rumpy enters the cave to tell her that Dairy Queen is coming and they need to beat it. She is all filled with anger, and slices him with the dagger! He poofs them back to the shop, and when they are there, she snaps out of her anger and goes right back to being stupid, and apologizes to Rumpy! Good lord! Alex wrote "BELL, YOU DUMB A##!" I don't know why he doesn't know how to spell her name right either.

Rumpy is angry about that mirror and returns to yell at DQ about it. She is all nonchalant about it until Rumpy reveals that she has no leverage over him, because he has the Fantasia hat! Dun dun DUN!

Emma discovered that DQ had paintings she did in school and some newspaper clippings about her. She also lived with her for 5 years, which is longer than she ever lived anywhere, and that they were apparently close, since Emma wrote a card to her thanking her for being the family she never had. I am glad Snow wasn't around to hear that. She realizes something must have happened since she had her memories of those years erased. They find a scroll with runes on it that doesn't get translated until the end. Luckily, I already covered pretty much everything else, so we can skip to it! Yay!

They have found a book that has the history of the royal family of Arendelle(no, I don't know how), and they find a page that has Anna and Elsa's mom, Ingrid, and Helga. Helga looks just like Emma. Elsa sees the scroll and reads it. It says that The savior will be named Emma, and Emma shall become Ingrid's sister. This either means that Emma looked exactly like Helga and that is why DQ chose her, or Emma DID become a replacement for Helga in Arendelle for awhile, but something happened that caused a rift between them, so she was returned without her memories to our world. Very interesting.

Belle comes in and gushes out that she is sorry that she lied to Elsa about knowing Anna, and that she doesn't know where she is now, but we have a bigger problem! That mirror has some kind of spell in it that will make everyone in town hate one another until they eventually destroy each other, leaving only Ingrid, Elsa, and Emma to be a happy family! Another curse? Oh, man! Does this mean that Dairy Queen or Emma will have to be the mayor eventually?

Next week, Emma is all magical, but will have no control over her powers! Oh noes!

Predictions, etc.:

*Hook wasn't really in this episode enough to determine the amount of pretty he is.

*Still no new head trauma for Charming, since he was barely in the episode either. We now stand at 6-3 in favor of the Doctor.

*I still think that Anna is in the hospital jail.

*Helga was a Time Lady and regenerated into Emma! Ok, not really.

*Alex predicts that next week's OUAT blog will be filled with chatter about Doctor Who's finale. Since it took all of my will power not to write about it tonight, that one will probably come true!

That is all I have for this week. We will see you on Wednesday for Arrow!

Random(Maybe) Alex Commentary!
Hi everyone,I hope you can see this not sure if I'm doing this right, Alex here for a um random possibly I may never do this again or maybe every week/day we do a blog,which will be Wednesdays,Saturdays, and Sundays, commentary! Currently,as I'm typing this mom is typing up the blog for this weeks Doctor Who episode Dark Water,I'll let her tell you about how we felt about it there!
BUT what I will be doing is a quick commentary on my Halloween Adventures!
So first the rather failed attempt at getting my costume on in the first place. Well getting it on was fine but keeping it on comfortably was not, the mask dug into my face and the hood's Velcro to keep it on dug into my neck! So to fix the mask issue we got rid of it:D! And instead put on white and black face makeup like a scull,which is what the mask was. Problem with that was...the makeup was itchy!So we took that off and replaced it with black bare minerals makeup according to Mom. That was fine so yay!:D
Next was the hood issue which was simple...keep the hood down! The reason I didn't just take the off was because an awesome cap was attached to the hood!
So eventually we got to my cousins' house,did I mention we always go over my cousins' house every holloween?,yes a Bleach pun!,no? Well we do. Anyway we,for whatever reason, stopped to get milk on the way TO my cousins' house. My grandmother's idea, me and mom both pointed out it was a bad idea but it turned out okay.
Oh yeah! I just realized that I haven't told you what I was for Halloween! I was wearing a costume from the store Spirit Halloween call the 'Emperor of Evil'. If I can I will put a picture of it on here...hopefully...first I got to get one! Oooh I know I'll check the Spirit Halloween website!
Emperor of Evil
Also I had a cool sickle! Or as I called it my Walking Scythe cuz it was pretty short and I used it for a walking stick cuz I can't walk worth crap:D. Here's a pic...I hope this works...
So hopefully that worked and you saw the sickle and costume...anyway on with the story...
So when we got there one of my two cousins Jude was absent...he was on his way from his friend's house. Oh yeah he, Jude, went as someone called Burt Renalds or something like that. So we had to wait awhile for him to get there but once he did we left soon after. The traveling was kinda slow,we walked, had a few conversations here and there involving past Halloween experiences. Eventually we came to a house that when we knocked on the door a woman came and said 'Give me a second' and closed the door. She had been unprepared for trick or treaters cuz the night had been pretty slow. There wasn't many trick or treaters nor houses with their lights on. Funny thing is once the woman came back and gave us our candy we walked back to our moms,Jude's and mine. And my mom said 'I thought she candy rejected you guys' or something like that.
On our travels the belt of my outfit for whatever reason decided it did not like being on my waist and fell off and almost tripped me! Luckily I did not trip and quickly removed the belt from my feet and,since we were walking towards the next house and were almost there, decided to hang it on my Sickle/Scythe. For the record I will call it a Scythe from now on. On a side note about that Scythe multiple times it found itself poking Jude's back. One time he turned around and stuck his tongue out a me! Meany! After a walk about we reach the point where we looped back to the house and instead of stopping we went in I took a breather,my aunt grabbed the keys to her car, and two trick or treater girls came in and one of them pulled a fast one saying,after grabbing a handful of candy, 'I need another one for my brother' then took off. I started laughing and so did a few other people. Few minutes later my Aunt came down and we,by we I mean her,Jude,mom, and me, got in her car and drove off to our destination...a relatives house,well we were gonna go to a place called 'Blueberry Hills' but it was PACKED so we decided against it. Once we got there we got some candy and money! I made like $17.74 on this trip! We went to like 1 or 2 more houses over there then headed back to Jude's house.
One the way there Jude was talking about Snickers and I offhandedly said "You're Burt Renalds when your hungry' to which everyone laughed.My mom followed with the rest of the joke aka "Jude eat a snickers.Why? Cuz your Burt Renalds when your hungry...Better?Better" We laughed for a good portion of the drive.
Once we got to Jude's House me and mom had some 'Vampire Blood' *cough*Coke*cough*.Also once Jude took of parts of his costume,enough to not look like Burt Renalds I said 'Hey Mom!LOOK! Jude ate a Snickers!' and mom laughed.Final joke is as we were leaving Jude put back on the costume and I said 'Oh no Jude's hungry again!',after that Mom,my Grandmother, and I headed home. After getting home I quickly took my costume off and cleaned my face...I now look like an emo who got punched in the face XD Ouch!. I grabbed a few pieces of candy as a 'Bedtime Snack' as I used to call it and then relaxed and played on my computer for 3 hours until it was about 11:00 pm when I closed my computer and went to sleep soon after.
And this concludes my Holloween Tale of Awesomeness! Hoped you enjoyed this little tid bit of info and maybe I'll do this again.Hmm perhaps I can do for each blog a more in def version of MY thoughts on what we watched or other random things like movie outings or other fun things!
Well maybe I'll see yah tomorrow for Once Upon a Time!

And just cuz I'm bored...RANDOM POLL!

What do you think of my costume?

Really Great

What's your fav candy out of these

Mike n Ikes
Juicy Pop

Hollow<---Don't let him get you!  But...You'll never see him coming...

Doctor Who(Dark Water)
what the duck?
Wow! We are still kind of reeling from this episode, and it is only part 1 of 2! This is the first time we are getting a 2-parter in 2 seasons(series, whatever), so I might bite my nails right off waiting for next week, because this ended on a HUGE cliffhanger!

This episode began in the most depressing way possible: Danny Pink dies. While talking on the phone to Clara. Right after she said "I love you." Seriously, when is Disney going to option "That's So Moffat" because I could use the cash. Since Danny was run over by a car, we immediately assumed that this was going to go in a very Father's Day direction, but it didn't.

Clara's grandma who might be Amy Pond shows up while Clara is calling the phone on the TARDIS and slowly losing her mind. The Doctor answers after 8 million rings, and Clara acts like nothing is wrong, and there are a few quick cuts, and we don't get to see anymore of Grandma MaybePond. Bye, Grandma MaybePond! See you for the Christmas special, we hope!

We get an instance of head trauma, so yay! We cut back to the TARDIS, where Clara wants to go see a volcano, and again, brought a past episode to mind: The Fires of Pompeii. While the Doctor is distracted, Clara goes around taking all of the TARDIS keys. Why does the Doctor have 7 TARDIS keys? Why are they all hidden in the console room and not throughout the whole TARDIS? Does this include keys given to past companions? None of these questions will be answered though, so let's move on.

After collecting the 7 keys, Clara knocks the Doctor out with some kind of device, and then he wakes up near the volcano. Is it a volcano on earth? Are we in a specific time period? Is this a space volcano? More questions that we don't get answers to, but we will address why in a moment. All that matters now is that Clara is in full crazy mode as she tells the Doctor that she wants him to rewrite time and bring Danny back. When he says no, she throws a key into the lava, because apparently the Doctor told her that the only thing that could destroy a TARDIS key is a volcano. When? Why? Are TARDIS keys like the One Ring, and if so, does it have to be a specific volcano? Also, what? I seem to remember a TARDIS key being pretty out of function during Father's Day, but it wasn't full on destroyed. Is all Time Lord technology vulnerable to lava? The Daleks did drop the TARDIS into lava/fire in The Stolen Earth or Journey's End.

Again, none of these questions are answered, so never mind. Clara curses at some point(Alex wrote this down, so I guess she never cursed prior to this), and she tells the Doctor that every time he refuses her, she will throw a key away. He tries to regain control of the situation, so Clara chucks all of the TARDIS keys into the lava! That was some crazy, right there. It doesn't matter, and neither does the location of this volcano, because she knocked him out(or so she thought) with a sleep patch, so this has all been a dream. What an intense fake out that was! I really thought Clara had completely lost it and stranded them in a volcano!

When they are back in the TARDIS(which they technically never left) Clara ask him what they will do next, and the Doctor tells her "Go to hell." She assumes that he means that he is kicking her off the TARDIS, but he means that that is where they are going to retrieve Danny. Why would he assume that Danny went to hell? That isn't nice.

There are Cyberman eyes all over the Promised Land/Nethersphere/3W/Wherever, so I started wondering if the Promised Land itself was inside of a Cyberman. That is where Danny is, very confused over the thought of being dead. It also kind if looks like Midgar from Final Fantasy 7 in some shots, if I am being honest. Clara and the Doctor TARDIS into 3W, and see what looks like a bunch of fish tanks, but it is actually a crypt. There are skeletons sitting in each tank, and it brought even more past episodes to mind. The way they were sitting reminded me of River in Forest of the Dead at the end, and it also brought to mind the Silence from The Wedding of River Song, so we knew right away that these skeletons were Cybermen because we are just smart like that.

They are greeted by Missy, who says they haven't received the 3W greeting package and procedes to kiss the Doctor. Considering the reveal later, this moment is priceless. Clara's face is the best. When Missy tells Clara that she also hasn't received the welcome package, Clara, Alex and I all said "I'm good!" Ha! Missy acts like a robot and says it stands for Mobile Intelligence Systems Interface. Is it Misi then? Have I been spelling it wrong all season? Of course, she isn't a robot, so I will continue to spell it Missy, if you don't mind.

She asks if she should adjust her intimacy settings, and I am again finding this all delightful since I now know the twist. Well, "twist". I think we all saw this coming, or at least speculated about it very early on. The Doctor asks who is in charge, she says she is, he asks who maintains her, she says she maintains herself and is maintained by her heart, and when the Doctor asks who maintains her heart and puts his hand over it, something weird happens, and it is one of those "stick a pin in this" moments, but I think that this is where it started to click for me. Her heart is maintained by the doctor. Doctor Who? Doctor Chang!

They tell Dr. Chang they want to speak to a specific dead person, and after the break, Danny is told that someone wants to speak to him, but it is a fake out! It is a little boy that wishes to speak to Danny, and I am guessing that he accidentally killed the little boy during the war, which is awkward, as Alex astutely pointed out. We don't find out that much more about this, because the little boy says nothing and then runs away, and Danny is told it is better not to chase him. We get some flashbacks that seem to indicate that this is, indeed, the case though. Danny also cries when he sees the boy.

We cut to the scene where Alex and I figured the Cyberman part out, and we also get an episode title drop. The dark water only shows organic materials, so it shows something inside of an external exoskeleton. Yup, Cybermen, But not for a few more scenes, so pretend you don't know that yet, even though you probably do.

Dr. Chang asks who they are, and the psychic paper says that they are there for a government inspection, and then Dr. Chang asks "Why is there all this swearing?" Ha! They want to know what 3W stands for, and he tells them it is for the 3 words. This reveal isn't going to be pretty, and I was not in the least bit fond of it because it hit a sore spot. I mean, Dr. Chang warns us a million times that it will be disturbing, especially if you recently lost someone. The Doctor tells....the....doctor....that Clara will be fine. "Speak for me again and I will detach something from you." is Clara's response to that, and then says that she will be fine. That is one of the best quotes from this episode, but you will not be fine, Clara. None of us will be fine!

Dr. Chang asks them if they know how everyone is afraid of dying, and the Doctor duhs that it is the most fundamental fear in the universe. Dr. Chang says we would be a lot more scared if we knew what it was really about. Seriously, it is all kinds of awful. We cut to the scene with Danny and the little boy, but who cares? Back to the main thing here, he says that we have all heard of white noise, which we have. I will assume you have too, dear readers, but if you haven't, lmgtfy. The founder of this place played white noise through a translation matrix, and he became convinced that these were the voices of the recently deceased, and it was a telepathic communication from the dead. He managed to isolate some of the voices, and what he is about to play us will change our lives. God, don't play it! These 3 words convinced the founder to set up this institute, and others around the world to protect the dead. The Doctor threatens to hit him with his shoe is he doesn't get on with it. Hit him with the shoe anyway!

What could these 3 words that have me so squicked out be? "Don't cremate me." Over and over again "Don't cremate me." Dr. Chang says that there is one simple, horrible possibility that has never occurred to anyone throughout human history: The dead remain conscious. The dead are fully aware of everything that is happening to them. I can't even. Jesus, Moffat! I CAN'T!!!!! I seriously spaced out for a few after this because it is too awful. I lost my brother last year, and he was cremated, and the idea that he was aware of that, even just the IDEA of it, has me so wigged out and upset that I can't even deal. Just, no. No no no no no. Nope. Uh uh. Peace! The amount of curse words that are trying to float out of my fingers right now and into this post right now......I will be mailing all future therapy bills straight to Steven Moffat. For crying in a bucket......

Sorry, I just, I HATED that part with every fiber of my being. That is the meanest thing that has ever been on this show, and that includes Moffat making Matt Smith look exactly like my grandmother during the Christmas special last year so that I would feel all kinds of dirty and wrong for thinking about kissing him so much. Again, sorry.

Anyway, cutting back to Danny, the guy with him gives him some explanation for why he feels cold. Something about his soul being in one place and his body is in another, but they are both attached to his old body and I can't even because I am still wrapped up with that other crap. All that matters here is that Danny gets a call from Clara, because I might not have mentioned that the afterlife has WiFi and cell service, because of course it does.

Clara and the Doctor are still talking to Dr. Chang, so I am not entirely sure that Clara is the one calling Danny. Clara hears a beeping and we cut to Missy, who does some kind of Flamenco clapping move, and the skeletons start to stand up in their tanks. I guess she is teleporting them to Hyrule field. Just kidding, we know where this is going!

The beeping is apparently Danny, who is now calling Clara.....what??? I thought she called him? Did anyone really call anyone? They lose the signal though, and the signal looks like it is being projected out of a mini Technodrome, so there ya go. The Shredder is behind all of it! It also kind of looks like that robot that ate the Dragon Radar in GT. The Doctor is saying that all of this is fake and that the dead don't come back, in which case, what are you even doing here???? And, hello, Jack Harkness came back from the dead, Rory came back from the dead, even Clara sort of came back from the dead! What show do you think you are on here, Doc? Heck, even YOU technically come back from the dead every time you regenerate! I could mention someone else who came back from the dead, but that would spoil the end of the episode.

They get the signal back. The Doctor tells her to ask him questions only he would know to be sure. Our DVR went out for a bit here, so we missed some stuff. I know the Doctor and Dr. Chang leave Clara to talk to Danny, and they run into Missy in the hall of tanks. Dr. Chang reveals that Missy isn't an android, but we already knew that because androids don't do kicky Flamenco moves. Missy tells Dr. Chang that she liked working with him, and he doesn't want to die, and she tells him to say something nice, and he stutters, and she says that she won't kill him until he says something nice. So he says something nice. Um, what? She JUST said.....oy! I would have just told her she smelled or something all day, but not this guy. So, Dr. Chang gets vaporized.

At this point, the water slowly drains down, revealing that the skeletons are Cybermen, but we figured that out 45 minutes ago, so it is not as big a shock to us, but maybe it was to other people. It is certainly surprising to the Doctor.

We will now be cutting back and forth between Clara and Danny to the Doctor and Missy. Clara keeps asking Danny questions that only Danny should know. He doesn't remember the name of the restaurant from their first date. Really, Danny? It didn't happen that long ago. There was even a visit from your possible future relative in a spacesuit! Neither one of you paid the bill? Not ringing any bells? Oh, Danny.

We cut back to Missy and the Doctor, where it is revealed that the Cybermen here were created with some kind of Time Lord technology, and it clicked just a little bit more, but I was still waiting to see if I was right. There is some kind of big speaker thing. Some kind of Gallifreyan(Gallifreian? How do you even spell that?) hard drive. You can upload dying minds to that hard drive, rearrange them, and get rid of all those pesky emotions. Upload the mind, upgrade the body. We all know where this is going now, but hang on for the ride!

The Doctor asks how she got a hold of Time Lord technology, and again asks who she is. She tells him that he knows who she is. He felt it when he felt her heart before. Two hearts. A Time Lord! Well, a Time Lady, as Missy says she prefers to be called. The Doctor asks which Time Lady, and she says she is the one he abandoned, the one he left for dead. Well, technically, he left them all for dead when he destroyed Gallifrey/put Gallifrey in a pocket universe/who even knows anymore. He starts yelling for Clara and runs away. "Oh, Clara, Clara CLARA!!! I should shoot you in a jealous rage, now wouldn't that be sexy?" River? Ah ha, of course it isn't River. Missy has turned the lift off, and the Doctor says "I presume you have stairs!" and Missy says "I'm not a Dalek." Ha! That would be great though. I love when Daleks and Cybermen fight. "Exterminate! Exterminate!" "Delete! Delete!" Good times. So, she just kind of stands there until he gets the door open and then goes after him. That was really weird. Outside of the door, which is bigger on the outside, is London! Oh, noes!

Back to Danny and Clara, Danny tells Clara he loves her. She says no, because that is something anyone can say. She needs him to say something only Danny can say. Say something, she's giving up on you! Sorry, couldn't resist. He doesn't know what to say. She tells him that if he really is Danny then wherever he is and whatever it takes, she will get to him. He realizes what she is saying and tells her no. This is so sad. Nothing in the world will stop her though once she knows it is him. He tells her that she has her life, her whole life to live, so she has to stay there. Clara doesn't care, she just wants to be with Danny. He again tells her that he loves her, and she tells him to stop saying that, and tells him that if he says it again, she will switch this thing off. In the second most heartbreaking scene of this whole episode, Danny, grasping the full scope of what he is about to do and what it means, again tells Clara that he loves her. Clara does not get what he is doing and cuts the feed off. I really thought that she would get what he was doing, that he was saving her, and realize that it was the real Danny, but she didn't. Poor Danny. :(

Danny sits down with tears in his eyes, and Clara doesn't realize that there is a Cyberman behind her. Danny cries, and the guy who has been with him tells him that emotions are difficult, and OH NO DON'T MAKE DANNY A CYBERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They can help with all those difficult feelings, and all Danny has to do is hit the delete button on the tablet. DON'T!!!!! When the man points to the delete button, a noise starts to play. Alex was talking at that point and I shushed him and pointed it out. He didn't hear it until I did the "Tap tap tap tap, tap tap tap tap" on our notebook of note taking. The drums. The Master's drums. Just like in The Robots of Sherwood. Danny's finger is hover over the button.

We cut back to Clara, and does it even matter anymore??? Oh, fine. Clara slowly starts to realize that she isn't alone anymore. She spins around with this look that says that she is just going to murder whoever is in the room with her, but when she sees it is a Cyberman, she scrams. This Cyberman is the founder of this place, by the way. We missed that the first time around, and I just caught the name plate under him now. It looks like Clara is trapped in that room.

All of the tank doors open now, freeing the Cybermen. The Doctor yells at people outside to run away quickly, but I guess they can't see the Cybermen, because no one is in a rush to go anywhere. Missy is just watching this, amused. She tells the Doctor that the key strategic weakness of the human race is that the dead outnumber the living. That is probably true. Terrifying and true. The Doctor again asks Missy who she is, and for crying out loud, she is Missy, short for Mistress, also known as THE MASTER!!!!!!!! The other person who comes back from the dead! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We high fived over that because we totally called that back in Deep Breath and stupidly never wrote it down anywhere on this blog that we can find!!! Son of a.......

The Doctor is all shocked, the Cybermen are marching down the stairs and into the city, and Danny's finger is still hovering over that delete button. To be continued! Noooooooo!!!!!!!! I need more!!!!!!!!!!

There is no preview for next week because spoilers, I guess. My word, that was suspenseful!

Predictions, etc.(going all the way back to Deep Breath):

*First up, head trauma count! I don't care if she tagged him in the neck, it knocked him out so it counts! The Doctor is now at 6, and Charming is at 3.

*Alex believed Missy could be Mother Superious(Tasha Lem) and I thought she could be the woman in the shop who gave Clara the phone number. It could still be that The Master gave Clara the number.

*River Song could pop up. I am thinking no on that now, but we still have another week.

*Captain Jack will show up and have to deal with The Doctor having Frobisher's face. There is always next season.

*Alex was correct that 12 would keep 11's sonic. No purple beam for me.

*We didn't cover Into Dalek, but I did say that Rusty looked like Krang, and this week we got a Technodrome.

*Did the blue lights on Clara come up again? I can't remember beyond a few episodes.

*Remember the Cybeks? Good times!

*The Promised Land was indeed this season's Bad Wolf. Go, Alex!

*The Master's Drum beat was in the Sherwood episode, so foreshadowing!

*Missy is someone we have already met, maybe she is the TARDIS. Half of that statement is right.

*Clara did that telepathic TARDIS flying thing again, and it doesn't make any more sense than it did last time.

*What will happen to Orson Pink now?

*Was that Gallifrey in Listen?

*Missy has Rose Tyler living in her weird garden. Looking back, was that garden on Apalapucia? What happened to that garden?

*We will find out that the Promised Land is the Bad Wolf and takes place in the Final Fantasy 7 universe and Missy is actually Aeris. That statement is surprisingly accurate, except the last part.

*The receptionist in the Promised Land is another one of Jack Harkness's mystery children. Well, we haven't confirmed he isn't.

*What chemist did make those vortex manipulators for motion sickness? Is The Master a chemist?

*I am still waiting for Windex to send me some samples to kill moon spiders.

*Just for funsies, I predict that we will see Time Lords before we hit the Christmas episode. That is actually correct and I don't think I was serious at the time. Yay, me!

*The Promised Land is a floating space lab on a train in space on board the Titanic in space, circling Satellite 5 being controlled by the Bad Wolf. That could still happen, since the Promised Land and 3W are separate places.

*Are the Estates the Powell Estates? Does it matter?

*Now the Doctor has to shut his trap about being the last Time Lord again until The Master inevitably dies in the finale.

*We didn't see Clara say that she doesn't exist this week, so I am crossing my fingers that the River connection could still be explained.

*All the other ones from last week were random.

*Why didn't we write down that we thought Missy could be The Master??????

*I can't even think about next week because my mind is spinning and I am keeping Alex awake!

See you tomorrow for Once Upon A Time, where we will still be talking about this episode!